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10 New Features on iOS 11 to Make iOS Devices Much Easier to Use

If you are using iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you must like iOS 11 very much. It brings you many great features to make your life and work easier and better. If you are using older models of iPhone and iPad, don’t worry. Update your iOS to the latest version, you can also enjoy all the new features it brings to you. In this article, I just pick up 10 hidden features in iOS 11, which I think can make your iOS devices easier to use, and share them with you.

1. Hear Headlines from Siri

In iOS 11, Apple improves Siri a lot. One of the most useful functions now Siri can read the headlines for you when you want to know the News anytime. You just need to say “Hey Siri, give me the News” or “What are the headlines”. Siri will read the report from NPR. Of course, you can also change the source of the News you want to listen, such as CNN, Washington Post or Fox News.

2. Take Photos in FaceTime

The latest iOS 11 allows users to take live photos when they are in FaceTime. You can easily tap the shutter button in the lower left corner of the video screen. The screenshot will be saved in your Photos library. Don’t worry, FaceTime will notice you that a photo is taken by Who you are talking with.

3. One-handed Keyboard

If you are using Plus-sized iPhone, it’s really hard to type with one hand. But sometimes, you need to type with one thumb when you are holding a baby or when are driving. iO 11 makes it easier to type with one hand. You can find the one-handed keyboard by holding down on the emoji key and selecting the one-handed keyboard from the menu.

4. QR Code Scanner

iOS 11 brings its own QR Code scanning function in the camera app on your iPhone and iPad. You can use it to scan the QR code easily and get the information without limitation. With this new feature you don’t need to search and download third party app to scan the QR code.

5. Mute Messages Alert

If you are disturbed from the messages alert when you are working or reading, you can now mute the alert easily. When you want to get the alert again, you can easily restore it. It’s really easy to do that. You just need to open the Messages app and find the conversation you want to mute. Swipe left and you will find the “Hide Alerts” next to the “Delete” button. You can use the same step to restore the alert.

6. Fast Setup New Device

Now you can setup your new iOS device with automatic Setup function in iOS 11. You can easily transfer all your personalized settings and also your iCloud keychain passwords to your new iOS device from a near iOS device or Mac that you already set up.

7. Scan Documents in Notes

Apple adds the scanning feature in Notes app and it is now available for iPhone users who are running iOS 11. You can easily scan your documents, receipts and other hard copies into Notes app and mark them up. To find this option, you need to tap the big Plus icon in the format menu and find the Scan Documents option. It will turn your camera into a scanner.

8. Build Tables in Notes

Another enhancement of Notes in iOS 11 is now you can build tables in Notes. Now you can do more things with your Notes app on iPhone and iPad. Add and delete rows is really simple.

9. Fill Passwords Automatically

After updating to iOS 11, you will see a little Key icon on the keyboard when you sign into new app or account. It will help you to remember the keywords. It is the first time that Apple allows third party apps access its iCloud Keychain.

10. Type Question to Siri

If you can’t talk to Siri under some special condition or Siri doesn’t understand your question very well, now you can type the question to Siri easily. You will find there is a Tap to Edit button that lets you to tweak your question to Siri. This will reduce the misunderstandings between your and Siri.

The above 10 features are only a part of great new and improved features in iOS 11. if you spend a little time with it, you will find much more useful functions in your iOS 11. If you lose data after upgrading to iOS 11, iOS Data Recovery will scan your iPhone and find the lost data for you. You can also use it to scan your iOS backup file and extract data from it without restoring your whole iPhone or iPad and lose new data on them.