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3 Great Features You Can Enjoy with iOS 9.3

Apple provides the download and update of the iOS 9.3 for developer and no-developer beta version. It brings users many great new features in iOS 9.3. In this article, we will introduce the best 3 features in iOS 9.3 beta version. If you are an iOS user, just read this article and pre-familiar these features. They will help you enjoy your iPhone and iPad better.

1. Night Shift
Adding the Night Shift feature to iOS 9.3, Apple aims to help you to have a great sleep at night by changing the color of the screen of iPhone and iPad. Researcher said that warmer color such as red, orange and yellow is better for your eyes and your body for asleep. This function uses the clock and geolocation on your device to determine when it’s sunset in your location and turn the screen into warmer end of spectrum. Have a good dream.

2. Lock Your Notes
In iOS 9.3, Apple brings you a much safer Note app. It enables you to lock up your notes with a password or fingerprint. So you can encrypt your private note containing your bank info, medical info and website account. You can also sort the notes on your iPhone or iPad by date and title. God, you can finally do this.

3. iPad Helps More in Education
iPad can help a lot in school to assist teachers and students. Now it can help more in education. In iOS 9.3, it enables more than one students share one iPad. Students can log in any iPad in school and make it their own. Teachers can control all the iPad in classroom and guide their students and check their progress easily.

Other Features in iOS 9.3
Apple also updates News, health, Carplay and 3D touch in iOS 9.3. You can easily duplicate a photo in album. Edit one and keep one for backup. You are able to get rid of the native Apps on iPhone and iPad.

Just try yourself to explore and experience the new features in iOS 9.3