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4 Ways to Improve Face ID Reliability on iPhone X

How does your iPhone X’s Face ID work for you? Different users will give you different answer. If you think there is still many rooms to improve, read this article and I will show you 4 tips to improve the reliability of the Face ID on iPhone X.

1. Re-register Your Face

If your Face ID doesn’t work that well for you, the first thing you need to do is to re-register your face on your iPhone X. Many reports and comments from iPhone X users, this will solve most of the problems. If you are wearing glasses, scan your face with them. Some users also suggested to scan your face in dark.

2. Turn Off Require Attention for Face ID

As one of the security features for Face ID, you need to look at your phone in order to unlock it by default. This will pretend others to unlock your iPhone X when you are asleep and distracted. But this will increase the chances of failure. If you want, you can turn off this and increase the reliability of Face ID. Go to “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode” > “Require Attention for Face ID”.

3. Move Your iPhone X While Unlocking

Face ID uses 3D data, so you can move your iPhone X during scanning will help. Some of the users report this helps a lot to improve the reliability of their Face ID.

4. Find The Right Distance

If you hold your iPhone X too far or too close to your face, it probably failed to unlock your iPhone X. So you can say that the distance will matter to the reliability of Face ID on your iPhone X.

If you still have issues with your Face ID after doing this 4 tips above, you can leave your comments here and we will discuss this problems and try to find the best solution for you. At least, you can disable Face ID on your iPhone X and use passcode to unlock it.