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5 Little Tips to Use iPhone X Easier

Is iPhone X the best smart phone in the world? I don’t know the answer and I won’t talk about this in my article. If you are using iPhone X or going to have an iPhone X, I will show you 5 little tips to help you to use your iPhone X easier and do things faster with it.

1. One-Hand Operation

Yes, you can also call it “Reachability”. On older iPhone, you can use it by double touch the Home button. When you need to use your iPhone with only ONE hand, it’s really a practical feature. It’s not gone on iPhone X. You can enable it in “Settings” > “Accessibility”. Switch it to green. Swiping down the Home indicator, you can easily operate your iPhone X with one hand. Even more, when you are under the Reachability mode, you can swipe up from the lower right of the display to access “Control Center”. It will save you seconds when you are in a hurry.

2. Move App to Folder Faster

If you move an app to a folder in normal way on an iPhone, you need to tap and hold an app icon until you see it jiggle with a “X” on them. Now you can move the app to a folder or create a folder by placing an iCon above another. While if you are using iPhone X, you can do that faster. Tap an iCon with one finger and open a folder with another finger. You can move the first finger to put the app into that folder. Really easy to do that, isn’t it?

3. Get Even Longer Battery Life

When we need longer battery life without power supply, we can use the “Low Power Mode”. But how to get even longer battery life? As we all know the screen contributes the most battery consumption. So you can adjust the settings of your screen to get longer battery life. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Display Accommodations”. You can enable “Smart Invert” of the “Invert Colors” and select “Grayscale” in the “Colder Filters”. After that, you can wait the power supply with less battery consumption from your big and beautiful screen.

4. Disable FaceID Faster

The messages, photos, videos and other contents on your iPhone may be private. You don’t want to share or let others know about it. So how to keep Nosey Parker away from your iPhone X? The best way is disable FaceID fast and anyone who want to unlock your iPhone X needs to enter the alphanumeric passcode. You can easily press the Side Button five times. That’s all. It will help you to stay safe.

5. Switch Apps Faster

In this part, I will show you how to open the app switcher faster and switch between recent apps faster. Instead of swiping up and stopping, you can also swipe up from the center of the bottom of the screen and then over to the right in one continuous semicircular motion, you can open the app switcher easily. To switch between recent apps, you can swipe from side to side along the home bar at the bottom of the display.

If you are a beginner of iPhone X or you want to know more about this smart phone, try these tips above, you can enjoy your work and life with your iPhone X better than before. If you want to recover deleted data from iPhone X, try to read this article: How to Recover Deleted Files on iPhone X. If you have other iPhone X tips that can make it easier and faster when you are using iPhone X, share them with us.