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Apple’s Biggest iPhone Will Be Released This Fall 2018

Apple will release the biggest iPhone, iPhone X Plus this fall along with a upgraded iPhone X and a cheaper iPhone with edge-to-edge design and LCD display. As reported that the largest iPhone ever will be around 6.5-inch with a 1242*2688 resolution display. It enables apps to features of split-view which is welcomed by business man.

Many reporter believe that iPhone X Plus will also have a gold color. Bloomberg notes that Apple originally aimed to ship a gold iPhone X last year, but canceled those plans due to production issues. This new bigger iPhone will also equipped with OLED screen and stainless steel sides also the A12 process.

The cheaper iPhone with LCD display will look very much like an iPhone X. It will include Face ID and edge to edge design. But it will feature an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. It will be priced around $700 to $800. You may say it is not cheap at all. But it is do cheaper that the starting price of iPhone X now.

Want to have a dual-SIM supported iPhone? Apple may make your dream comes true. It is said that Apple is also exploring the idea of adding dual-SIM support to the largest upcoming iPhone. But Apple still have other choices, such as eSIM technology. It allows devices to connect to cellular data networks without inserting a traditional SIM card. Google’s Pixel 2 already utilizes eSIM for Project Fi customers.

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