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How to Backup iPhone without iTunes?

iTunes is definitely the best software to backup iPhone. It comes from Apple and serve iPhone users in the best way. However, not all the iPhone users know how to use iTunes properly. Some people think iTunes is too difficult to use. Also sometimes, you don’t need to back up the whole iPhone or your iTunes can’t recognize your iPhone, you need to use some third party software to backup iPhone without iTunes.

In this article, we will show you how to backup iPhone without iTunes. We will use iPhone Transfer software to help you backup your iPhone to your computer as you want. You can either backup the whole iPhone to your computer or selectively backup data on your iPhone to your computer.

Part 1: Back the whole iPhone without iTunes

Step 1. Run iPhone Transfer software

Free download, install and run iPhone Transfer on your computer.

iPhone Transfer interface

Step 2. Analyze iPhone for backup

Plug your iPhone to your computer and the software will recognize your iPhone right away. It will show the basic information of your iPhone on the interface.

connect iPhone

Step 3. Backup iPhone without iTunes

Click the “To Folder” button at the lower part of the main interface. A pop-up window will notice you that you can backup the whole iPhone to your computer. Also you can check the data you can backup to your computer, the space you need for the backup file and also the location of the backup file in your computer.

transfer files to folder

Click “Start” button to begin backup iPhone to computer without iTunes. The backup process will finish in mins.

Part 2: Backup iPhone photos/pictures without iTunes

Run the software and connect your iPhone. Click “Photos” in the left menu of the interface.

backup photos without iTunes

You can find all the photos and videos on your iPhone. Select all the photos and videos you want to backup and click “Export to” drop-down list and choose “Export to PC”. You can easily backup iPhone photos to computer without iTunes.

Part 3: Backup iPhone contacts withtout iTunes

Go to the “Contacts” section on the interface and you will see all your contacts and contact groups on your iPhone. Choose the contacts you want to backup and click “Import/Export”, then choose “Export Selected (All) Contacts to CSV (or VCF) File”. You can easily get your contacts from iPhone to your computer.

backup iphone contacts without iTunes

Part 4: Backup music to computer without iTunes

To backup iPhone music to your computer, you need to click “Media” button on the left menu. Then you will see all the media files on your iPhone, such as music, movies, TV shows, audio books and so on. Choose the music tab. You will see all your music on iPhone.

backup music without iTunes

Check the box before the music to select the music to backup. You can also check the “Select all” box to choose all the music at one time. Then click “Export to” button and you can choose “Export to PC” to backup iPhone music to your computer.

Too many data types you can backup from iPhone to your computer without iTunes, and the operation is really easy with this iPhone transfer software. Here I also need to mention about iCloud. You can also use iCloud to backup iPhone without iTunes. The same with iTunes, iCloud backup for iPhone is backup the whole iPhone not part of your iPhone.