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Besides Chat, What iMessage Can Do for You

iPhone users must familiar with iMessage. But how much do you know about iMessage? Besides sending messages, iMessage can do much more for you. It is now a multifunctional and interesting iM App for iOS users. You can use it to share location, play games and pay your friends via iMessages easily. It even has its own App Store where you can find many games and apps to enrich your iOS life. In this article, I will introduce you some features you don’t always use but can make your life easier than before.

1. Pay Money to Friends with iMessages

Now with iOS 11, you can pay to your iMessage friends directly within iMessages. To do this, you and your friends need to install the app extension and enable Apple Pay. You can use this function to pay your friends just like paypal, Square Cash.

2. Share Location

Like many Social Apps, you can share your location with your friends via iMessage. This is much easier to type where you are. You just need to go to the iMessages conversation and select the details tab “i” in the upper right corner. Select “Send My Current Location”. iMessage will send a picture with the help of Map App in your iPhone/iPad showing where you are. If you are in a crowded place, you can select “Share My Location” option, it will share your location over a period of time.

3. Play Games with Friends on iMessage

First introduced in iOS 10, iMessage apps now are really popular among iOS users. Now you can even play games with your friends on iMessages. You can find the games easily. Go to iMessage > choose a conversation > select App Store icon > select App Shelf button. You can find all the games here and download any of them with your Apple ID and password.

Besides the features above, you can also send GIF pictures in the iMessage conversation to make it funny, send flash instead of typing texts when you “OK”, “Happy Birthday” or “Happy New Year”. To explore more features of your iMessages, you can read the details introduction of iMessages on Apple’s official website: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206906

iMessage is one of the most used IM apps for iPhone users. Many iPhone/iPad users also would like to know how to recover deleted iMessages, delete iMessages permanently, save iMessage photos/videos to computer and other tips of how to use iMessages. We will share you more useful tips in future. If you have a question about iMessages, welcome to contact us and we will share what we know to help you.