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Note is one of the most popular original apps for iPhone users. It is really convenient and practical. You can write down any idea, check list, to do list even your paper and other things with your iPhone notes. Now you can even use Siri to write down notes without using your hands. In the latest iOS 10, Apple adds some new features to iPhone Note to perfect it and make it more popular with iPhone users.

In this article, I will show you some basic features and functions you need to know when you take notes with your iPhone. So you can use your iPhone Note easier.

You will learn:

How to Create and Edit iPhone Notes

Create iPhone Note

Open “Note” app on your iPhone and find the “Edit” icon on the lower-right corner. You can easily create a iPhone note. You can add title, heading, body easily to your notes.

You can also create an iPhone note with Siri. Run Siri on your iPhone and say “Take a Note”. Then you can speak to Siri and it will transfer your voice to texts easily and smoothly. So you can easily create an iPhone note without typing with your hands on iPhone. It is really convenient when your hands are full of other things. You can also let Siri to show you a specific iPhone note or update an iPhone note easily.

Edit iPhone Notes

You can bold, italicize, underline and add bulleted list, dashed list, numbered List on Notes. You can also add photos to iPhone notes, draw sketch and send links to iPhone notes easily with the latest iOS 10.

Bold, italicize and Underline:

Select the words you would like to edit and there will be some options pop-up, you can easily select which you would like to use.

Add list to iPhone Notes:

You can edit your iPhone notes to make it more official and easy to understand with list format. Tap the space you would like to add list and select which kind of list you want to add. You can easily add checklist and list to your iPhone note.

Add Photos, links and sketch to iPhone Note:

Tap where you want to add photos and select the camera icon when it shows up. You can select the photos from iPhone albums easily. If you would like to draw sketch in your note, select draw sketch icon, you can begin to draw your picture.

How to Encrypt iPhone Notes

If you would like to add password to your notes, you can easily do that on your iPhone. But please remember your password, you won’t open your iPhone note again if you forget it. Or you can encrypt your notes with touch ID.

Step 1. Set up password in "Settings" > "Notes";

Step 2. Open the notes you want to lock;

Step 3. Tap on the Share button;

Step 4. Choose "Lock Note";

Step 5. Enter the password and click the lock icon on the top.

How to Share iPhone Notes to iCloud, Gmail and Exchange

To backup or keep working on your iPhone notes, you can send your notes to iCloud, Gmail and Exchange account easily. Go to your iCloud’s settings, you can easily turn on “Notes” option. Now iCloud will backup your Notes automatically.

When you add Gmail or Exchange account on your iPhone, turn on “Notes” option when you set up your account. So iPhone will automatically sync notes to Gmail and exchange account for you. You can backup or use your notes on other devices.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone

If you lose notes on iPhone or accidentally delete important notes, you can go to the “Recently Deleted” folder to find them. If you can’t find them in that forlder, you can also restore your iPhone with backup files to get back them. However, if you don’t have backup file or don’t want to restore your iPhone, use iPhone Data Recovery software. This software can easily scan your iPhone and iPhone backup file deeply to find the deleted or lost notes for you. You can learn how to recover deleted notes on iPhone here.

If you would like to know more features abour your iPhone notes, you can contact us freely and provide your suggestions and advices. Thank you very much!