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Google Maps Tips for iPhone/iPad

Google maps is one of the most popular map apps among iOS device users. If you are using or going to use Google Map, in this article, I will share with you guys some tips about using Google Maps on iPhone and iPad.

1. Zoom in/out with One Hand

As usual, you need to pinch the screen to zoom around the map with one hand and holding your iPhone with the other hand. How to zoom in and out with one hand? Really easy to do that. Just double tap and hold the Google Maps and then drag up and down to zoom in and out on your Google Maps.

2. Avoid Routes with Tolls

Google Maps is smart enough to select the route without tolls for you if you want. After entering your destination and then tap the “Directions” button to get the route. Tap the “…” button on the top right and you will see some options and go to “Route Options”. You can select avoid tolls. You can also select motorways and ferries.

3. Find Fuel

If you already on the way and need some fuel, just tap the search icon and you can search “Fuel” easily. Also you can find whatever you are looking for. Google Maps will find them for you.

4. Set Home and Work Address

Home and work are two of the most used destination while you are using Maps. Setup them in the system and then you can easily tap home or work when you need to go. Open Google Maps, tap the top left button and choose “Your Places”. You can easily enter both of the addresses here.

5. Use Maps Offline

Want to use Google Maps offline? It’s really easy to do that. You need to do that with a Google account. Sign in your Google account and download the Maps you need with Google Maps. Find the area you need to use the map (online) and tap the top left button to select offline maps. Download the map and use it when you are offline.

6. Street View

Search for the place you want to view the street view. At the lower left of the screen, you will see a small Street View icon. Tap it and you will be in Street View mode. Use your finger to dragging, swiping or changing the landscape mode by moving your device. You can also zoom in and out.

That’s all for today. If you know other useful tips of using Google Maps or you have any question about Google Maps, leave your words under this article.