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Hidden Tips and Tricks You Need to Know about iPhone

No matter how long have you been using your iPhone, you can’t know all the hidden functions of it. You may blame Apple doesn’t provide us an instruction. But you can also think this is a great thing that Apple gives you this opportunity to find the hidden tips and tricks by yourself. It’s always a cool thing to show off the hidden iPhone features you find with your friends. Today, I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that really useful.

1. Charge quicker

If you want to charge your iPhone faster, you can swift your iPhone into flight mode. This will make it quicker to charge your iPhone. It can be used on all generations of iPhone. You can turn on Flightmode on your iPhone by swiping up and click the plane icon.

2. Hold focal point

Many iPhone users take photos every day. But they probably don’t know this tip. When you take a photo, the camera will try to find a focal point. But if you move your phone, the point will be lost. How to solve this problem? Instead of tapping the screen to find the focal point, just press the screen for one or two second until the “AF Locked” box pops up. This will lock in the focal point for you can you can twist, turn and swing the thing around without losing it.

3. Medical ID

This is really useful when you are in an emergency. Setup your Open Health and go to Medical ID. Enter your emergency contacts and health information, such as brith date, height, blood type, etc. Switch on “Show When Locked” to show these information from the lock screen.

4. Check signal strength

Before sending messages or make an important call, you can check the signal strength. This will avoid many troubles. Just type *3001#12345#* onto the dialing keypad and press call on your iPhone. This will active a hidden field test tool. You will see a sign followed by a number on the left hand side. You can see a number indicates the signal strength. 50 is the best and 120 is pretty poor.

5. take photo while shooting a video

If you want to take a photo when you are shooting a video, you can easily tap the white button in the bottom left hand corner. You iPhone will take a photo for you while the video still runs.

6. check message send time

If you want to check the exact date and time the message was sent, just swipe left of the messages, you will see the exact time.

7. Film your screen

If you are using iOS 11, you can now record your iPhone screen easily. Go to “Settings” > “Control Center” > “Customize Controls” and tap the plus sign next to the screen recording. If you want to film your screen, swipe up the control centre and click the record icon. After three seconds, it will automatically record your iPhone screen. You can stop the recording by tapping the red icon on the screen.