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How to Access iCloud Backup?

iCloud backup is really popular among iOS users. It can backup your iOS devices without connecting to your computer. If you have WiFi connection, you can easily backup iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, when you want to check the data in your iCloud backup, how to access iCloud backup file? iCloud.com allows you to check some data in your iCloud backup, but you will find you can only access contacts, mail, calendar, Find My iPhone, notes and few other data. You can’t access videos, audios, text messages, iMessages, photos in your iCloud backup. Actually the data you can’t access on iCloud.com is the data you want to check badly. How to access iCloud backup without any limitation? Just read this article and we will show you the best way to do that.

iPhone Data Recovery can download, scan and show all the data in your iCloud Backup file. You can easily check the messages, photos, videos, contacts, audios, WhatsApp messages, notes, reminders, calendars and other data in your iCloud. It can easily retrieve photos from iCloud Backup and other data.

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery

Launch the software after you successfully install it on your computer.

iPhone Data Recovery

Step 2. Download and Scan iCloud Backup File

Choose the last option in the main interface “Recover from iCloud Backup File”. You need to log in your iCloud account first. After that, you can see all the iCloud backup files in your iCloud account listed in the interface and you need to choose which one to download and access.

icloud backup list

Click “Download” button to download the iCloud backup file. You are allowed to choose the data in the iCloud backup file to download.

iCloud data type

Once it finishes the downloading, you can easily click “Scan” button and the software will begin to scan your iCloud backup file.

Step 3. Access iCloud Backup

The software will list all the data in your iCloud backup file on the interface. You can easily access your iCloud backup file on your computer. If you want to backup the data to on your PC, you can easily click “Recover” button, the data you selected will be saved to your computer.

scan result

This is the best way so far to access iCloud backup, you can preview all the data in it and recover them to your computer. Also you can restore your iPhone from iCloud to get back all the data back to your iPhone.