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How to Add Emoji Keyboard to iPhone

First appear in Japanese cell phone, Emoji is very popular now for iPhone users. People like to use send Emoji to express their mood. This makes your message conversation vivid. And you will have much more fun when you chatting with your friends. However, Emoji keyboard is not the default keyboard on your iPhone. If you want to add Emoji keyboard to your iPhone, follow this article and I will show you how to enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone step by step.

There are two parts in this article and they are:

How to Add Emjoi Keyboard to iPhone

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone and unlock the screen. Go to “Settings” > “General” and find “Keyboard”.

Step 2. Tap “Keyboard” and you will enter the keyboard section. Select “Add New Keyboard” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll down and find the “Emoji”. Select it and it will appear on the keyboard list of your iPhone.

Now you have added Emoji Keyboard to iPhone successfully. Please keep on reading and learn how to use Emoji Keyboard on iPhone.

How to Use Emoji Keyboard on iPhone

Open Messages app on your iPhone and click the Globe icon and you will see the Emoji on your iPhone easily. You can select the Emoji you want to use and send it to your friends. At the bottom of the screen you can select different kinds of Emoji. You will have a lot of funs using Emoji to chat with friends.

You can easily switch back to the alphabet keyboard by clicking “ABC” button. So it’s easy to add Emoji keyboard to iPhone. As Apple updates the Emoji from time to time, just enjoy it. It’s a better way to send Emoji than words sometime.