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How to Change Font on iPhone/iPad

Get tired of default font on iPhone? Want to change font size on iPhone for your mother/father? Before 2014, you can’t change font and font size without jailbreaking your iPhone. After iOS 7, you can change the font size on your iPhone easily. Coming with iOS 9, Apple uses a new iPhone font, San Francisco. If you don’t like it, how to change font on iPhone? In this article, I will show you how to change font and font size on iPhone easily. Just read the following words and add your favorite font on iPhone.

How to Change Font on iPhone without Jailbreaking

If you want to change iPhone font without jailbreaking, you can only change the app font on your iPhone but not the system font. This means you can change font of apps, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad, Number, Keynote, Pages and other apps on iPhone and iPad.

AnyFont is the best app to do this for you on your iPhone and iPad. You can purchase it on Apple Store for $1.99. After installing it on your iPhone, you can easily change app font on iPhone.

Step 1. Add Font on iPhone

After installing AnyFont on iPhone, you need to use download a font from internet on your computer and email the file to yourself as attachment. Log in the email account on your iPhone and click the attachment in the email. Open it with “AnyFont”. After downloading, the font will be listed on the AnyFont.

Step 2. Apply New Font on iPhone

Tap the font in the font list, after a short process of installing. Restart the app and the new font will be applied on your iPhone. Open any app on your iPhone, you will see the new font.

How to Change All Font on iPhone

Like I said at the beginning of the article, you can’t change iPhone font without jailbreaking. So if you want to change font on iPhone completely. You need to jailbreak your iPhone and use Byta Font 3. You need to know that jailbreak your iPhone will result in invalid warranty and OTA updates from Apple. Jailbreaking may also lead losing data on iPhone. You need to backup iPhone before jailbreaking your iPhone. You can learn how to recover deleted files on iPhone here.

Step 1. Install Byta Font 3

Search Byta Font 3 with Cydia, install it on your iPhone and you will find it on the springboard.

Step 2. Apply New Font on iPhone

Open Byta Font 3 on your iPhone and find a font you like on the font list. Download the new font by clicking install button. Close Cydia and restart Byta Font 3 on your iPhone. On the bottom of the interface your can active the new font in the basic tap. After respiring, you will find the new font is applied on your iPhone.

How to Change Font Size on iPhone

You are allowed to adjust the font size on iPhone according your habits after iOS 7. Follow the steps below, you can easily change iPhone font size.

1. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Text Size”. You can adjust the font size until you are happy with it.

2. If you want even larger font size, go to “Setting” > “General” > “Accessory” > “Larger Type”. Turn on the “Larger Dynamic Type”. Drag the bar from left to right until you find a font size you like. After that, all the apps support Dynamic Type will apply this font size on your iPhone and iPad.

That’s all for changing iPhone Font and Font size. If you other ways to change font on iPhone, you can leave a comment below. We can discuss it and update your method to our article. Thanks for sharing.