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How to Delete “Other” on iPad Storage

When you connect your iPad to iTunes, you can check the usage of your iPad storage. You will find “Other” taking up so much space on your iPad. But you can’t delete them from iTunes. What is “Other” on iPad? How to delete other on iPad to free up more space for your iPad? You may ask these questions. In this article, we will answer the questions above and show you the best way to remove other from iPad step by step. Read the following words and find the answer.

What is Other on iPad

If you want to get rid of other on iPad, you need first to know what is other on iPad. As you know, when you connect your iPad to your iTunes, it will show you how much space each kind of file taking up on your iPad. At the end of the bar, you will find the “Other”. While according to Apple and many professional website, “Other” includes Safari browsing data, iTunes data, Email data and document and other data that doesn’t list on the iTunes bar.

ipad others

How to Delete Other on iPad

There is no way to directly delete data in Other on your iPad through iTunes or iPad. As we know what is in Other on iPad, so we can directly delete the data on iPad to remove other from iPad. There is a professional iPad Data Eraser program. It can erase data from iPad easily. So we can use it to delete other on iPad.

Step 1. Install iPad Data Eraser

Free Download, install and run iPad Data Eraser software. On the main interface, you will see 5 options. Each of them will provide you different way to erase data on iPad. We need to use the last one “iOS Optimizer”. This option optimizes your iOS device by deleting Safari browsing data, Email data, Cache files, App files, Temp files and Log files. They are all in the “Other” on iPad.

Step 2. Connect iPad

Connect your iPad to your computer. The software will detect your iPad easily. You can also check the usage of your iPad with this software.

connect iPad

Step 3. Delete Other on iPad

Select the last option “iOS Optimizer” on the interface. And click “Scan” button. The software will scan your iPad deeply and find all the useless data in your iPad. When it finishes the scanning, it will list all the data you can delete on your iPad.

data list

Click “CleanUp” button, the software will begin to delete all the data you selected. It will take some time to delete the Other on iPad. The software will notice you when it finishes the work.

You can run iTunes again and check the size of your Other on iPad. You will find that the software free up much space for you. This iPad data eraser software can easily delete Other on iPad to save much space for you especially for 16GB version iPad users. If you want to clean up your iPad and get more space, just download this iPad Data Eraser and have a try.