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What is the Other on iPhone & How to Get Rid of Other on iPhone

Apple provides iPhone with fixed storage. If you want more space, upgrade to a more capacious iPhone. However, when your iPhone is full and you connect it to your iTunes to check, you will see “Other” in the storage usages. What the hell is that? iTunes won’t tell you what exactly is in the other. If you can get rid of other on iPhone, you will release much space for further usage of your iPhone. In this article, we will answer these two questions.

What is the Other on iPhone?

When you connect your iPhone with iTunes and it will show you the usage of your iPhone storage. You will see Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Photos, and Info. If you have data which can’t be classified in one of these 8 categories, it will be added to “Other”. As the DOC shown in Apple Discussion, Other includes:

1. Browser cache 2. Mail cache 3. Mail messages 4. Mail attachments 5. Safari's Reading List 6. iTunes Backups 7. Crud resulting from jailbreaking your iDevice 8. Game data 9. Saved data files 10. Call history 11. Notes 12. Media 13. Voice memos

I think there is more data space counted to the storage of Other. This list is only an example to show what is the Other on iPhone.

other on iPhone

How to Delete Other on iPhone?

Here we provide you two methods to remove Other on iPhone to make more space for iPhone. One is to use iTunes and the other is to use professional iPhone Data Eraser software. I recommend you try both of the two ways to get rid of Other as much as possible.

Method 1: Delete Other on iPhone with iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your iTunes and make a backup file with it.

2. Wipe your iPhone with the “Restore” option on iTunes.

3. Restore iPhone with the iTunes backup file you made just now.

Pic: restore iPhone with iTunes

Compare the size before and after you restore your iPhone. This will erase some of the useless cache and other data on iPhone. If it can delete 1 or 2 GB of the Other, it means a lot for a 16GB iPhone or when you need space immediately.

Method 2: How to Delete Other on iPhone with iPhone Data Eraser

iPhone Data Eraser is professional iPhone data cleaning software. It can scan your iPhone, find and delete useless data for you. It will release much useable space for your iPhone.

Step 1. Load iPhone to iPhone Data Eraser

Launch iPhone Data Eraser on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. The software will detect your iPhone and load it. It will show the storage usage on the interface.

connect iphone

Step 2. Choose “iOS Optimizer” Mode

This software provides you 5 options to delete and optimize the data space for your iPhone. If you want to remove Other on iPhone, you need to select the last option on the main interface. It will help you to release space on your iPhone by deleting useless data in Other on iPhone.

iOS optimizer

Stp 3. Scan iPhone to Find Data in Other on iPhone

The eraser software will automatically begin to scan your iPhone to find the useless data on your iPhone. Once it finishes, it will show you how much space on your iPhone is useless.

scan result

Step 4. Delete Other on iPhone

Click “Cleanup” button, the software will get rid of the useless data on your iPhone automatically. It will show you the space information on the interface once it finishes the cleaning.


To delete Other on iPhone is not that difficult, with the methods we recommend in this article, you will release much space for your iPhone. However, this can’t solve the space problem for you permanently. If you want to make more space on your iPhone, you can first backup your iPhone photos, videos and other data you don’t always use on your iPhone and delete them from your iPhone. This will be really helpful.