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How to Delete Photos from iPad

“I am going to give my old iPad 3 to my daughter. Before that, I would like to delete all the photos from my iPad. I know I can delete them one by one on iPad, but is there any easier way to do this?”
Asked by Tracy

Yes, of course there is. Many iPad users once asked this question. They want to remove photos from iPad, but they don’t want to select them one by one and then delete them. If you still don’t know the easier way to delete photos from iPad. Read this article, I will introduce you all the possible and easy way for you to delete photos from iPad.

We have 3 parts in this article:

Easily click any of the 3 parts to read and learn how to remove photos from your iPad. If you want to delete photos from iPhone permanently, read this article.

Part 1. How to Delete All Photos from iPad

In this part, I will show you the easiest way of deleting all photos from iPad. You don’t need to select all the photos one by one and then delete them. You just need to use this iOS Transfer software. It allows you to select all the photos with one click and then delete them from your iPad.

Step 1. Connect iPad to iOS Transfer

Free download, install and run this iOS transfer software on your computer. Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cord. The software will recognize your iPad easily and load it to the interface.

connect ipad

Step 2. Delete All Photos from iPad

On the left side of the interface, click “Photos” section, you will see all your albums and photos on your iPad. Go to one album and right-click your mouse to select all photos or use “Ctrl” + “a” to select all photos. Then you need to click “Delete” button on the top menu of the software. It will ask you if you want to delete all photos from iPad. Click “Yes” and all the photos will be deleted from your iPad.

iPad photos

Part 2. How to Delete Multiple Photos from iPad at One Time

You can also use the iOS Transfer in part 1 to delete multiple photos from iPad at one time, just select the photos and click “Delete” button. Read Part 1 to learn more. However, you can also easily do this with your iPad only.

Step 1. Select Photos on iPad

Open the photos app on your iPad. Tap “Photos” on the bottom, here you can see all the photos on your iPad. Click “Select” button on the top right corner of the screen. Here you are allowed to multi-select photos on your iPad.

delete photos from ipad directly

Step 2. Delete Multiple Photos from iPad at One Time

Once you select all the photos you want to remove from your iPad, click “Delete” button confirm the deletion on your iPad. All the selected photos will be deleted and saved to your “Recently Deleted” album. They will be kept in this album for 30 days and then deleted permanently from iPad. You can want to delete them permanently at once, you can go to “Recently Deleted” album on your iPad and select the photos to delete them permanently.

Part 3. How to Delete iTunes Synced Photos on iPad

As you know that you can’t delete the iPad photos you synced from iTunes directly on your iPad. There is on option here. You need to re-sync your iPad with iTunes and remove these photos.

Step 1. Connect iPad to iTunes

Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes. It will load your iPad to it. Select the “Photos” option in the control panel of your iPad.

iPad itunes photos

Step 2. Re-sync iPad Photos

Select the “Sync Photos from” option and select an empty folder on your computer. Click “Apply” all the photos you synced before will be wiped from your iPad.

That’s all for deleting photos from iPad. You can choose any method above to delete photos from iPad easily according to your need. If you delete wrong photos from your iPad, here is an article to teach you how to recover deleted photos from iPad.