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iPhone Won’t Turn on – How to Fix It

If you are using iPhone, you may meet this case some time. No matter how many times you try, your iPhone won’t turn on. Just leave the black screen to you. Don’t worry! This can be solved easily. This may happen when you run out battery, meet iOS crash or hardware error. Just read this article and learn what to do when iPhone won’t turn on.

Solution 1. Charge Your iPhone

If your iPhone won’t turn on, you can try to charge your iPhone for at least 15 mins. If your iPhone is running out of battery, your iPhone will turn on automatically. You can easily use it again. If it won’t work, try to change another USB cable and charger to try again.

iphone battery charging

Solution 2. Hard Reset

If the first solution doesn’t work, you need to try to restart your iPhone. As your iPhone won’t turn on, you need to force it to reboot. Press and hold both the “Home” and “Power” button for at least 10 seconds. You can see the Apple logo and your iPhone will reboot. Your iPhone will back to normal again.

reboot iPhone

Solution 3. Restore iPhone with iTunes

If the two methods above don’t work for you, you can try to put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore your iPhone with iTunes.

1. Put iPhone into recovery mode

If you don’t know how to put your iPhone into recovery mode, you can read this article. After you put your iPhone into recovery mode, you will see the following picture on your iPhone.

iphone recovery mode

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. Your iTunes will detect your iPhone and tell you that your iPhone is not in normal mode and you need to restore it. Click “OK”. Your iTunes will reset your iPhone for you easily. You can setup your iPhone as a new iPhone or restore iPhone from iTunes backup or iCloud backup file.

itunes restore

That’s all the ways to fix iPhone won’t turn on by yourself. If all the ways above don’t work for you, you need to bring your iPhone to the nearest Apple store and ask for help.

Usually, you won’t lose any data if you just restart your iPhone. However, if you lost data after you turn on your iPhone, you can use iPhone data recovery software to get back the data. It can scan your iPhone and recover deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes and other data from your iPhone, iTunes/iCloud backup files.