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How to Make Your iPhone More Secure

To keep safe of the personal or business data on your iPhone, Apple makes iOS system more and more secure than before. But you can still read the News about data leaking on iPhone. In this article, I will show you some tips to make your iPhone more secure.

1. Always Run The Latest iOS System

The first step you can do to keep your iPhone secure is to keep the iOS system running on your iPhone up to date. New iOS system always has better stability than older one. Also in new version, Apple can easily combat the exploits which can be used by hacker to have chances to access your personal data. It is the basic and easiest way to protect your iPhone from hacker. If you want to check if your are running the latest version of iOS, to go “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update”. If you are running the latest version, there will be no messages here. If you are not, you can see the latest version that you can install on your iPhone. Now, the newest iOS version is iOS 11.

2. Use Secure Passcode

If you are using 4-digit passcode for your iPhone, there is a chance in 10000 for hackers to enter your iPhone for the first time guess. Do you worry about that? If yes, use more complicated and secure passcode for your iPhone. 6-digit pin is much secure than 4-digit one. But the most secure passcode is passphrase right now. You can include numbers, letters, symbols and even case-sensitivity to make your iPhone a lot harder to break into. Yes, you have to admit that it will take you longer to unlock your iPhone. Compare to the safety of your iPhone, it is a great way.

If you want to change your passcode to passphrase, you need to go to “Settings” > “Touch ID & Passcode” (Face ID & Passcode for iPhone X) > “Change Passcode”. You need to enter the current passcode and choose “Passcode Options” when it asks you to enter new password. Select “Custom Alphanumeric Code”. Now you can create a new passcode comprised by numbers, letters, symbols, etc.

3. Do Not Open Unknown Links

Opening unknown links could potentially a threat to your iPhone. The page usually looks really close the the real one, but if you enter some important data, you are done. The general rule is if you don’t trust the links, just don’t open it. So if you receive unknown link via text messages, emails or websites that you don’t trust, don’t even click on it.

4. Disable Siri on Lock Screen

Siri is the personal assistant on iOS devices. You can access any file or use your iPhone when you are driving or don’t have free hand to operate your iPhone. It is really convenient for iPhone users. At the same time, it also provide the chance for hackers who want to access your iPhone. You can go to “Settings” > “Touch ID and Passcode” and turn off the option of “Allow Access When Locked”.

5. Disable Auto-Fill

If you are using Auto-fill in Safari on your iPhone, it’s keychain will store all the logins and even credit card information. So you don’t need to type the password of the account when you want to login. But if a hacker access to your iPhone, iPhone won’t tell they are hackers. So it will provide all the logins and credit card information to them. To disable Keychain and auto-fill, go to “Settings” > “Safari” > “AutoFill” and toggle off each option.

If you have to keep important data on your iPhone, the best way to keep them from hacker is to make sure your iPhone is secure enough. Try these tips above, you will have a more secure iPhone than before. If you accidentally delete some important data from iPhone without backup, iPhone Data Recovery can help you to recover them. Learn how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone easily.