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How to Make Your Selfie Better on iPhone X

Selfie or your can say portrait shot are really popular among young people. They upload their selfies to instagram, snapchat or otherwhere to show themselves and get thumbs. For iPhone users who are using iPhone X, it’s really easy to make a nice selfie with some features on it’s camera app. This will take your selfie games to the next level. I will introduce you 6 tips for taking a better selfie with iPhone X. Let’s begin now.

1. Portrait Mode

As one of the selling points of iPhone X, portrait mode in camera app will provide you incredible portrait shots. The Portrait mode in iPhone X adds a depth-of-field effect which can put your face in sharp focus and set it against a blurred background to create a professional snapped look.

2. Lock Focus/Exposure

Press and hold on the screen until you see AE/AF lock. It allows you to lock the focus and exposure and you can take great photos from any angle. With this feature, when you move your phone around to find the best angle to take a shot, the camera won’t constantly adjust the focus and exposure.

3. Timer

iPhone X provides 3 or 10 seconds timer. It will make it easier for you to take a great selfie.

4. Auto Enhance

If you are not satisfy with the effect of your selfie, try to use auto enhance function. It will improve the exposure, contrast, saturation and others to improve the quality of your photo. You can easily cancel it and keep the original effect.

5. Live Selfie

If you want, you can even take a live selfie that generates a short looping clip. After enabling it, click the second icon from the left side on the screen of camera app. You can easily take a live selfie when it turns to yellow.

6. Exposure

If the light is too bright or dark when you want to take a selfie, you can adjust the exposure in order to take a good photo for yourself. Easily tap and hold on the screen of the camera, slide up and down to adjust the exposure until you find the best one and take a good shot.

Taking photos with iPhone is now one of the favorite things iPhone users like. If you have many great photos on your iPhone, I think you may also interested in how to recover deleted photos from iPhone and how to transfer photos from one iPhone to another. If you have other tips on taking great photos on iPhone, leave your comments under this article and thank you for reading.