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How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos from iPhone?

Many iPhone users are using voice memos to record short audio messages. You can record anything, including work schedule, important appointment, etc. If you accidently deleted your voice memo from iPhone, read this article and you will find the best way to recover deleted voice memos.

Here you need iPhone Voice Memo Recovery software. It can help you to retrieve deleted voice memos from iPhone, iPad easily. It can help you recover voice memo in 3 ways, from iTunes backup file, iCloud backup file and from iOS devices directly. You can download the software here:

Download, install and run the recovery software for iPhone Voice Memo. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB cable. The software will detect it and load the basic info on the interface.

How to Recover Voice Memos from iPhone and iPad directly

Step 1.Find deleted voice memos from iPhone/iPad

On the left menu, at the lower part, you can find the “Voice Memos” under the “Memo and Other” section. Click the “Voice Memos”, you will get all your voice memos listed on the main interface.

You will find your deleted voice memos in red and existing voice memos in black. To find the voice memo you want to retrieve, you can choose to show the deleted voice memos only. You can find the voice memo fast and easily. Before you recover the voice memo, you can pre-listen it to check if it is the one you want to recover. Or find the voice memos according to the date and name.

Step 2. Recover Voice Memos

Once you select all the voice memos you want to recover, click “Recover” button and the software will recover it and save them on your computer.

Recover Voice Memos from iTunes Backup Files

From the main interface, you can select the second option “recover data from iTunes backup file”. You will find all your iTunes backup files on your computer listed here. What you need to do is select the latest backup file for your iPhone or iPad and click “Scan”.

After the software finishes the scanning, you can find the “Voice Memos” on the left menu. Click it and you will find all your voice memos in the backup file. Find the voice memo you would like to recover and click “Recover” button. The voice memo will be recovered and save on your computer.

Recover Voice Memos from iCloud Backup Files

If you have iCloud backup files, you can choose the third option “Recover data from iCloud backup file”. This option enables you to download your iCloud backup file, scan it and find the data you want to recover.

You need first to log in your iCloud account, and then download the backup file. Find the Voice Memo section and select the voice memos you want to recover. Click “Recover” button to recover voice memos from iCloud backup file.

That’s all for recovering voice memos from iPhone and iPad. It is really easy for both green hand and professional iPhone users. So next time you lost or deleted voice memos from iPhone and iPad, download this iPhone voice memo recovery and follow this article. You can easily retrieve voice memos.