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How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup?

iCloud service has become the first choice when iOS users want to backup their photos ever since it was released. You can backup all your photos in iCloud manually or automatically when you with WiFi. However, when you need the photos, people hardly know how to retrieve photos from iCloud. Many users will ask how do I retrieve photos from iCloud. In this article, we will show you how to recover photos from iCloud step by step.

It is easy to retrieve photos from iCloud to PC. You just need to download your iCloud backup file, scan and restore photos from iCloud with an easy to use iCloud photo recovery program.

This recovery software can download iCloud backup file to computer, scan it to find all the photos in your backup file. You can easily preview and retrieve photos from iCloud. You can also recover messages, videos, contacts, notes, calendars, voice memos, reminders, Whatsapp messages/photos and other data from iCloud backup file. You can learn how to recover deleted photos from iPhone here.

Step 1. Download your iCloud backup file

Free download, install and run the software on your computer. Choose the third choice on the interface “Recover data from iCloud backup file”. Then you need to log in your iCloud account.

sign in to iCloud

After you log into your iCloud account, you need to download the backup file containing the photos you would like to retrieve. You just need to choose the backup file and then click “Download” button. The recovery software will do the download work automatically for you.

download iCloud backup file

Step 2. Scan the iCloud backup to find the photos

Once it finishes the downloading, you will find there is a “Scan” button next to the backup file. Click the “Scan” button. It will scan your iCloud backup file to find all the photos in the iCloud backup file.

All the data including photos will be found in the iCloud backup file and you can easily find the photos you would like to recover.

scanning result of the icloud backup file

Step 3. Preview and retrieve photos from iCloud backup file

To find the photos you would like to restore, you need to preview the photos first. Go to the “Photos” section, you will see all the photos in your iCloud backup. Double click the photo you would like to retrieve, you can preview the photo in larger size. If you’d like to recover the photo, then select the photo. After selecting all the photos you would like to retrieve, click “Recover” button, the software will retrieve all the selected photos from iCloud to your computer as soon as possible.

That’s all for retrieving photos from iCloud. 3 steps in total and you just need your iCloud account and iCloud photo recovery. If you want to retrieve photos from iCloud, you can try this and get photos back from iCloud easily.

For all iOS users, backup your photos is the most important thing you need to do regularly. This will lessen the loss when you lose your iPhone or delete photos by accident. The photos are not just photos, some time they are the great memory we share with our friends and family.