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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad

“Hi, recently I got an iPad Air to spend my spare time with. It is the first Apple product I have. I really don’t know how to deal with iTunes. Is there any way to transfer files from PC to iPad without iTunes?”
Asked by Lissa

I think there are thousands of iPad users have the same problem like Lissa. They just don’t like to use iTunes. If they want to enjoy their iPad, the first problem they need to solve is how to transfer files from PC to iPad. If they are using iTunes, they can sync file to iPad with iTunes. If they don’t, in this article, we will share you guys an easy of transferring files from computer to iPad without iTunes.

iPad File Transfer is designed to help iPad users to manage files on iPad and transfer files from PC to iPad and vice versa. It can transfer music, PDF, videos, photos, playlist, TV Shows, ePub, contacts and other data from computer to iPad easily. It supports iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and also iPad Pro.

Step 1. Install iPad File Transfer and Connect iPad

Free download, install and run this file transfer software for iPad on your computer. You will see the following interface.


Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable and the software will automatically detect and load your iPad to it. You will see the basic information of your iPad on the main interface and on the left menu, you will see all the data in your iPad listed here.

connect to iPad

Step 2. Transfer Files to iPad

On the left of the interface, you can see “Media”, “Playlist”, “Photos”, “Books”, “Contacts” and “SMS”. Go into each of them, you will see all the data now you have on your iPad and also this software allows you to add new files to it.

If you want to transfer music, videos, movies, TV shows, voice memos, etc, you need to go to “Media” section. On the top bar, you can specific the data type. Then you can easily click “Add” button to copy media files from computer to iPad. Take “Music” as an example and you can see how to transfer music from PC to iPad.

1. Go to “Media” section on the left of the interface. Choose “Music” on the top bar. You can see all the music and songs in your iPad.

2. Click “Add” button, you are allowed to select music files from your computer. The music will automatically be transferred to your iPad and you can check it on this software and also on your iPad.

add music to ipad

You can also transfer all the other kinds of files like this, such as photos, PDF, ePub, videos, movies and contacts. When you transfer contacts from computer to iPad, the “Add” will change to “Export/Import” option.

iPad Transfer software can easily transfer files from PC to iPad for these iPad users who don’t like to use iTunes. It can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, playlist, PDF, ePub and other data from computer to iPad easily.