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How to Use iPhone Reminders Like A Power User

If you are an iPhone users, you must familiar with the App we are going to talk about, iPhone Reminders. As one of the native apps on iPhone, reminders is much power powerful than you think. In fact, it has many useful functions and features which can make your life easier. Read this article and I will show you how to use iPhone reminders like a pro.

1. Share Reminders with Others

You can use Reminders to share to-do lists and other reminders to others in side this application. So you can interactive with your co-workers, families and friends. Go to the to-do list you want to share and tap the “Edit” icon. Click “Sharing” button and then add a person from your contacts to share this reminders. If you enabled iCloud Family Sharing option, it’s also possible to share reminders lists with all your families.

2. Setup Location-Based Reminders

As one of the most useful function of iPhone reminders, you can set up a location based to do list now. It will remind you when you arrive or leave some places you set up. With this kind of reminders, you will never forget to pick up your milk when you get home. Learn how to setup a location-based reminders here.

3. Check Completed Lists

Once the to-do list is complete, you can also check them in Reminders app easily. Go to a list and you will see a “Show Completed” option at the bottom of the screen. Go to it and you will find the items and the date and time at which the reminders appeared.

4. Work with Siri

You can now use Siri to set up a to-do list for webpage and more. You can easily say “Hey Siri, remind me about…..”. This is a formula to let Siri to set up a to do list or other reminders.

That’s all for today’s sharing. There are also other great features in iPhone Reminders and other iPhone applications. If you want to share about what you know, just leave us a comment. Also read about how to take a better photos with iPhone and how to recover deleted reminders from iPhone.