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How to View Photos on iCloud?

“I always use iCloud to backup my iPhone data and it works great for me. I think all my iPhone photos are in iCloud backup file. So I log in my iCloud account on iCloud.com. But I can’t find photos here. How do I view my photos on iCloud?”
Asked by Melissa, one of our readers

iCloud is the best way for iOS devices users to backup their data. You can backup all the data on your iPhone to iCloud. The basic service of iCloud is free for 5GB storage. If you want to upgrade the service, the price is also reasonable. You can restore your iPhone with iCloud backup file once you want to get back some important data. If you are using iCloud.com, you can also check some data on your iCloud backup. However, photos are not on the list. If you just want to view the photos on iCloud backup, you have no perfect way to do that.

Yes, someone will say you can use Photo Stream to do that. But it has its limitation, such as only save the photos for 30 days, max 1000 photos on your iOS devices and so on. So is there an perfect way for iOS users to view photos on iCloud without any limitation? Yes, in this article we will show you how to view icloud photos easily and without any limitation.

You need to use iPhone data recovery software to help you download your iCloud backup file and view iCloud photos on your computer. You can also view other data in your iCloud backup file, such as notes, calendar, text messages, videos, reminders, call history, contracts and so on. The software can also help you to retrieve photos from iCloud backup.

Step 1. Download iCloud Backup File

Free download, install and run iPhone data recovery software. Choose the last option “Recover data from iCloud backup”. Then you need to log in your iCloud account from the interface. You will see all the iCloud backup files in your iCloud account listed on the interface. You need to choose which one you want to download. Click “Download” button and the software will automatically download your iCloud backup file.

log in iCloud

Step 2. Scan iCloud backup file

After you download the iCloud backup file to your computer, you can easily click “Scan” button. The software will analyze and classify all the data in your iCloud backup file and list them on interface.

Here you can easily find the photos in your iCloud backup file.

recover photos from iCloud

Step 3. View iCloud photos

You can easily choose the photos section and double click the photos you want to view. The software will help you to view your iCloud photos using its photo viewer.

preview photo

If you want to save these iCloud photos on your computer for later use, you can click “Recover” button, then all the photos you selected will be saved to your computer. This software can also find deleted photos from your iCloud backup file, so if you want to recover deleted photos from iPhone, you can also do that with it easily.