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How to Wipe an iPad for Resale

“I am going to purchase the latest iPad Pro and sell my iPad 4. I want to know a securely way to wipe my iPad 4 before selling it, so others can’t get my personal data and bank info. I purchase a lot of things on my iPad and also have many photos on it. Thanks in advanced!”
Asked by Jenny.

Many iPad users have the same question before they want to sell their old iPad and switch to a new one. Thanks to the bigger screen, iPad is a better choice for purchase on line and watching videos, movies and photos. Before selling it, you need to know how to wipe an iPad permanently to ensure others can’t get your bank and person data on your iPad.

Apple does provide a way to erase contents and settings on iPad, however, this is not a ultimate solution. Many recovery programs can scan your iPad and recover the deleted data from it. In this article, we will show you how to erase data on iPad permanently. We will use iOS Data Eraser software. This software can clear iPad data and on one can recover. If you also have iPhone to sell, please read how to delete everything on iPhone permanently.

Before erasing data on iPad, always remember to backup your iPad with your iTunes. So you can restore your new iPad with the backup file.

Step 1. Connect Your iPad

Free download, install and run this iPad erasing software on your computer. Connect your iPad to it. It will load your iPad to it.

connect iPad

Step 2. Wipe iPad Permanently

Select the first erasing option on the interface, “Erase All Data”. You need to confirm the deletion by entering “Delete” on the interface manually. The software begins to erase your iPad data automatically after your confirmation.

erase all data

Tips: please keep your iPad connected to your computer while the software is wiping your iPad.

The software will delete messages, safari history/bookmarks, safari cache and cookies, photos, videos, music, all the settings and other contents on your iPad permanently. On one can recover any data from your erased iPad.

Once the software finishes the process of erasing your iPad, you will see the following interface.

erase complete

Now your iPad is wiped and you can sell it or just give it to others to use. You don’t need to worry about your personal data on it. This iPad data eraser software can also selectively clear safari history, cache and cookies on iPad and also other data, such as messages, photos, videos, contacts, etc.