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How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPad?

With the latest retina display and bigger screen size, iPad provides users better experience when they are looking videos. But sometimes you may just delete videos from iPad by mistake or you find you lost videos on iPad when you upgrade the iOS version, crash, etc. You have two ways to recover deleted videos from iPad. One is retrieve videos from iPad directly. The other is get back videos from backup files from iTunes and iCloud.

iPad video recovery is designed to recover deleted videos for iPad users. It can scan your iPad or backup files to find the deleted videos and recover them to your computer. Then you can easily transfer the recovered videos to your iPad again. It is really easy to use and you can free download it here:

Part 1. Recover Deleted Video from iPad Directly (For iPad 1 users only)

Step 1. Find the deleted videos on iPad

Run the software after you install it on your computer. Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable. The software will recognize your iPad easily.

Before you scan your iPad, you need to select scan mode. Here we recommend you to select the advanced mode. This mode can find more data from your iPad while it will take longer time than standard mode.

Choose advanced mode and click “Scan” button. The software will guide you to enter the scan mode of your iPad.

Once you successfully enter the scan mode. The software will scan your iPad for deleted videos and other deleted data, including text messages, contacts, photos and so on.

To find the deleted videos, you need to go to the “Cameral Roll” under the “Media” section. You will find all the videos here. The name of the deleted videos is in red. Find the videos you want to recover and select the checkbox before the name of each video you want to undelete. You can even preview the videos before recovering them. Once you select all the videos you want to recover, click “Recover” button. All the videos will be recovered and save on your computer.

Part 2. Retrieve deleted videos from iPad’s backup files (For all iPad models)

If you have backup files from iTunes or iCloud, you can use the backup files to recover deleted videos on iPad. To do that, you need to make sure when you backed up your iPad with iTunes or iCloud, the videos were on your iPad.

Step 1. Scan the backup file to find the iPad videos

The second option on the main interface of iPad video recovery is “Recover data from iTunes backup files” and the third is “Recover data from iCloud backup files”. Choose options according to your backup files.

For iTunes backup file, you need to choose the latest one to scan. When the software finishes the scanning, you will find the videos you want to undelete the same way as recovering videos from iPad.

For iCloud backup file, you need to log in your iCloud account first to download the backup file. Then you can scan the iCloud backup files and find the videos you want to recover.

For both iTunes and iCloud backup files, select the videos you want to recover. And then click “Recover” button. You will get your videos back to your computer soon. The recovering duration depends on how many and how large the videos you recover.

Following the steps above, you can easily recover deleted videos from iPad. With iPad video recovery, you will never worry about the losing your videos on your iPad. However, it is better to backup your videos regularly.