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How to Fix iPhone Red Screen

If you encounter iPhone stuck on red screen of death after updating your iOS version, don’t worry. You can do the following things to fix iPhone red screen. Of course, if all the ways in this article don’t work to your iPhone, you need to take your iPhone to the Apple store near your home.

iPhone red screen is reported recently by many iPhone users, especially iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s users after they update their iOS version. Some specialists believe it is a software problem while others think it is a hardware problem. We provide you 3 ways to fix this problem. Many our readers feedback that they fix this problem, but some report their iPhone still stuck on red screen after trying our method. So before taking your iPhone to the Apple Store, try to read this article and fix iPhone red screen by yourself.

Method 1. Restart Your iPhone

Yes, restart your iPhone. You may find that it can solve many problems and you can see restart iPhone in many iPhone issue fix article. We also called restart iPhone soft reset. This can solve many problem such as crashing, freezing, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, not respond keyboard and so on. So try to restart your iPhone. If your iPhone reboot normally and enter the iOS interface. Congratulations! You fix iPhone red screen. You can use your iPhone normally.

Steps of Restart Your iPhone
1. Press and hold the power button of your iPhone until you see “Slide to power off”
2. Slide right to power off your iPhone
3. Wait a few seconds to your iPhone totally turn off.
4. Press and hold the power button again until you see the Apple Logo appear on your iPhone

If your iPhone restart normally, you successfully fix your iPhone red screen problem. If it still stuck on red screen, follow the Method 2 and method 3.

Mehtod 2. Hard Reset Your iPhone

If the soft reset doesn’t work for your iPhone, hard reset it. It is really easy to do this. Press and hold power button and home button at the same time. Wait until your iPhone screen turn off and Apple logo appear on the screen. Again, if your iPhone boot on normally, you fix this problem. If not, go and read the method 3.

Method 3. Restore iPhone with DFU Mode

If your iPhone’s red screen problem caused by software problem, DFU mode will help you to solve it. Restore iPhone with DFU Mode will get rid of the current firmware of your iPhone and get a new firmware for your iPhone. However, this process needs you to restore your iPhone with iTunes. If you don’t have backup files for your iPhone, you may lose data on your iPhone.

Step 1. Put Your iPhone into DFU Mode

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. Press and hold the power button to power off your iPhone. Press and hold the power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds and release the power button. You will see the Apple Logo appear and keep holding. You will see a pop-up messages from your iTunes to tell you that your iPhone is in DFU mode. If you see a “Connect to iTunes” icon on the screen of your iPhone, your iPhone is in recovery mode. Please repeat the process again. If your iPhone is in DFU mode, your iPhone screen will be black. You can learn more details about how to put iPhone into DFU mode here.

Step 2. Restore iPhone with DFU Mode

Now you can restore your iPhone with your iTunes. After restoring, your iPhone will be back to normal. If your iPhone still in red screen, you need to take it to the nearest Apple store. They will help you to fix it.

If you lost data when you restore your iPhone with iTunes, you can use iPhone Data Recovery software to scan your iPhone or iPhone backup file to recover lost data. It can recover deleted text messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, reminders, calendars and other data from your iPhone easily.