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How to Fix iPhone Screen Not Working

iPhone screen not working can be caused by many reasons, such as too many taps in short time, memory issue, iPhone screen is dirty, physical damaged, etc. You can follow this article and learn how to fix iPhone screen not working. I will show you all the possible ways of fixing iPhone screen not working in this article.

Method 1. Restart

When your iPhone screen is not working, you can try to restart your iPhone. This method can fix iPhone screen not working caused by memory issue when multiple applications running at the same time.

  1. 1. Press and hold the Power button and Home button
  2. 2. Hold them until you see the Apple logo appears on your screen
  3. 3. Your iPhone will turn on normally

Try to use your iPhone screen to check if it works or not. If this method doesn’t fix your problem, try the other method below.

Method 2. Clean Your iPhone Screen

If your iPhone screen not working is caused by dirt or physical material on your screen, you need to clearn your iPhone screen as soon as possible. After that, your iPhone can work normally. Here is some tips for you when you clearn your iPhone screen.

  1. 1. Turn off your iPhone before cleaning its screen
  2. 2. Use a microfiber cloth or a lint-free cloth
  3. 3. Do not press your iPhone screen too hard

Method 3. Remove iPhone Screen Protector

Your iPhone screen protector can also be the reason of iPhone screen not working. You can try to remove it and try your iPhone screen. If your iPhone screen works after removing it, you’d better don’t use it.

Method 4. Use Original Charger for Your iPhone

If you are using non-original charger to charge your iPhone, this may result in iPhone screen not working. Try to change an original charger for your iPhone and check if your iPhone screen is responsible.

Method 5. Restore iPhone

This is the last way you can try to fix iPhone screen not working by yourself. You need to use your iTunes. If you have backup for your iPhone, you can use your iPhone backup to restore your iPhone. This can avoid data loss. Generally speaking, if you don’t have backup file for your iPhone, you will lose all the data on your iPhone after restoring. But if you want to backup your iPhone now, you can still do that with iPhone Data Recovery software.

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone

Run this recovery software on your computer and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. This program will detect your iPhone and load it to its interface.


Step 2. Scan Your iPhone to Find Data on It

Click “Scan” button on the interface, this program will scan your iPhone deeply to find all the data on it. You can even find the deleted data for you. After scanning, it will list all the data on the interface and you can preview and recover them easily.

scan result

Step 3. Backup iPhone Data

There will be a data menu on the left side of the interface, you can use it to find all the data on your iPhone and backup them. You can backup photos, contacts, messages, videos, notes, reminders, calendars, Whtasapp messages, voice memos, safari bookmarks/history and other data on your iPhone.

iPhone messages

You need to enter each section on the data menu and find all the data you want to backup. Click “Recover” button after selecting all the data you want to backup from your iPhone. This program will save all the selected data from your iPhone to computer as soon as possible.

1. You need to use the computer which you used to sync your iPhone with your iTunes to backup your iPhone data with this iPhone Data Recovery.
2. All the data you backed up with this program will be saved to your computer. You can check them separately and move them to anywhere you want.

If you can’t fix your iPhone screen not working with all the methods above, you need to take your iPhone to the repair shop or Apple store near your house. They will help you to replace a new screen for your iPhone. Remember to backup your iPhone before changing another iPhone screen.