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iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

“Hi, I think my iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. It doesn’t make any sound and when I togle the volume up and down, it shows me the ringer. How can I solve this?”

If you also have this problem with your iPhone, you can read this article to know why your iphone stuck in headphone mode and how to get your iPhone out of headphone mode. When your iPhone is in normal mode, you plug a headset to the headphone jack on your iPhone and your iPhone recognize the headset and it turns into headphone mode. Why there is now headphone plugged but your iPhone stuck in headphone mode. This problem can be caused by both hardware and software. Most cases are because hardware problem.

Method 1.

Let us solve this from the easiest reason - iPhone stuck in headphone mode because of the software problem. You can restart your iPhone to fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode if it is caused by software problem.

Method 2.

This problem can also be caused by debris in iPhone’s headphone jack.

1. You can blow air directly to the headphone jack to get the debris out of your iPhone.

2. If you can see the debris in the headphone jack, you can use some tools to get it out.

3. Unplug and re-plug iPhone headphone for 8 to 10 times.

If you still can’t solve iPhone stuck in headphone mode after trying the two methods above, your headphone jack is damaged. It can be water damaged or physical damage. Water damage doesn’t mean you drop your iPhone into water. It may happen if you listen music while you are running in the run. Physical damage can make the headphone pulled away from the logic board. If your iPhone stuck in headphone mode because these two reason, just go to Apple Store for help.