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A10 Makes the Possibility of A Super Thin iPhone 7

There are a lot of predicts of the chip supplier of A10 SoC of iPhone 7. From the reports of UBS and BGR, TSMC will be the supplier of iPhone 7’s A10 SoC. And Forbes points out the the Fan-out technology of TSMC will enables Apple to pack up the SoC components with smaller vertical space and keep the circuit boards dimensions as low as possible. That is to say it is possible for Apple to make iPhone 7 the thinnest iPhone ever.

Samsung and TSMC are now the two suppliers of the A9 chip of iPhone 6s family. They share the order from Apple. The report from GBR shows that Samsung will suffer from the lack of A10 order in 2016’s performance. The analysts from UBS have the same opinion with GBR. They point out that Samsung will lose the competition between TSMC of the order of A10 from Apple although they like the Samsung Electro-Mechanics’s progress with dual cameras and Samsung Pay.

From our point of view, Apple will make the iPhone 7 even thinner than iPhone 6s family to win the battle between Samsung Galaxy S7 and other rivals from Android.