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Apple Will Release iPhone 7 Plus with Dual Cameras

Report said that Apple will bring dual cameras on its iPhone 7 plus. And they will release 3 models in this year, which means you will see two models of iPhone 7 plus, one with single iSight cameras and the other with dual rear cameras on the back. This is reported by the famous Apple analyst, Kuo. As he doesn’t make mistake often, so this rumor is widely reported by medias.

The rumor also pointed that one of the cameras is dedicated to a wide-angle view and the other will have 2-3X telephoto lens. Mac Rumors’ report said that this will benefits on the resolution, zoom, deth of field, low-light performance, reduce noise and 3D depth mapping.

As a fan of iPhone, I think the dual camera is great for users. However, if they release 3 models of iPhone 7 and two models of iPhone 6C, two many models. This is not a great idea I think. I think it is just fine to add the dual cameras on iPhone 7 Plus and that’s it. Just two models of iPhone 7, 4.9-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus with dual cemoras.