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iPhone 7 Will Be the Last iPhone with Great Upgrades

“Be the last hurrah in terms of blockbuster upgrades” the top analyst at FBR Daniel Ives said recently about the iPhone 7. Unlike the Chinese market, the worldwide smart phone market is tapering. Analysis points out that Apple should focus on wearables and TV or release low price iPhone to catch up the shipments. So iPhone 7 will be the last iPhone with great upgrades.

According to the report of Apple, iPhone contributes 66 per cent of the fiscal fourth quarter revenue this year. This will make Apple a one-hit company sooner or later if they don’t change it. You can see that there is a steady decline in iPad sales and growth in Macs is limited. Only 4 per cent of revenue comes from Apple Watch, Apple Pay and Apple Music.

So the biggest challenge for Apple now would be how to innovate a new product line to fill the decline of iPhone in future. For customer, just enjoy the iPhone 7 and other new products from Apple. Learn more about new features in iPhone 7.