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Rumors: Apple Will Drop the Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

A Japanese tech website Mac Otakara reports that Apple will drop the headphone jack on iPhone 7 to make the iPhone 7 thinner than iPhone 6s. The report shows Apple will ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7 and use lightning-based EarPods. Users can also use wireless Bluetooth headphones, which is much more popular than before. If you still want to use the 3.5mm headphones, you need to use an adapter.

Apple has the history of dropping out-of-date tech in their products. As you can see that the first generation iPhone also doesn’t adopt the standard headphone jack. But they switched to the 3.5mm headphone in the iPhone 3GS. But you need to know at that time, Apple was just a fresh man in smart phone world. This time, I think if Apple tries to change the headphone jack, many other smart phone producers will follow this. That will result in a new revolution of headphone jack.

The history of Apple dropping popular tech:

1. Drop floppy drive on the original iMac

2. Drop all ports except headphone jack and USB-C port in 12-intch MacBook

We can see today, the first example popularize the USB cable. The second one makes the latest MacBook thinner.

At last I need to notice you that Apple is not the first one to ditch the headphone jack. HTC G1 also doesn’t have a headphone jack.