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The Most Exciting New Function in iPhone 7

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus have just released to market and welcomed by users. However, people always want more. Although iPhone 7 will be released next year in 2016, many rumors already leaked out. Today, I just list some new features that may used in the next generation iPhone. You can expect the one that makes you exciting mostly.

1. Much Thinner

The latest iPhone is already very slim. However, you can see the Apple make each generation much thinner than the previous one. So you can expect a much thinner iPhone 7 in next year. Analysis also point out that, a much thinner iPhone 7 will cause some concern about the battery life.

Also some reports said that Apple would ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 much thinner. They will make the headphone compatible with the lightening connector or iPhone users can choose wireless Bluetooth earphone.

2. Water-Proof iPhone

It’s a long-time rumor that Apple will design a water-proof iPhone. According to the patent application reported by Appleinsider, Apple has created shutter system that can keep the ports from being damaged from liquid and dust. This will save many iPhone users from expensive repair fee.

3. Wireless Charging

Some reports point out that Apple will use wireless charging on the nest generation iPhone. But the reports didn’t claim whether Apple will create their own wireless charging tech or use the existing one.

I have listed all the possible new features above. Which one is the most exciting new function in your mind? Just like the iPhone models that have been released, every year, there are many rumors before the new iPhone released. You will never know which one will be added to the new iPhone 7. Let’s just wait and see!