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How to Recover Data from Water-Damaged iPhone?

If your iPhone is water-damaged and you can no longer turn it on, what’s the most important thing? Data! Yes, the data in your iPhone is all you care about. You can easily change another iPhone or other smart phones. How about your data in your water-damaged iPhone? In this article, we will show you how to recover data from water-damaged iPhone. As your iPhone can not be turned on, you can only recover your iPhone data from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

In this article, we use iPhone data recovery software to recover data for your water-damaged iPhone. It can recover data from iPhone backup files easily. It can recover photos, contacts, notes, text messages, iMessages, reminders, voice memos and many other data from the backup files of your water-damaged iPhone.

Step 1. Find the backup files of your water-damaged iPhone

Free download, install and launch the software. Choose the second option from the main interface, you can see all your iTunes backup files on your computer listed on the software and you can easily choose one of the latest for your iPhone to scan.

If you would like to recover data from iCloud backup files of your iPhone, you need to choose the third option from the main interface. Log in your iCloud account and you will see all your iCloud backup files listed here and you need to download the one you would like to retrieve data from.

Step 2. Scan iPhone backup files and recover data

No matter which way you choose to recover data, you need to scan your iPhone’s backup files before you can choose data to retrieve.

For iTunes bakup file users, choose the latest backup file of the water-damaged iPhone and click ”Scan” button, the software will scan the backup files. Once it finishes the scan, all the data listed on the interface of the software. You can easily find the data you want to recover from the left side menu.

Let’s take recover photo as an example. You can find the camera roll from the media section, choose all the photos you want to recover, then click “Recover” button. All the photos you selected will be recovered and saved on your computer.

To recover data from iCloud file, you need first to download the iCloud backup file. Then scan it to find all the data of the water-damaged iPhone. You can easily recover the data and save them on your computer.

That’s all for recovering data from water-damaged iPhone. Actually, you can only recover data from the backup files of your water-damaged iPhone. So to avoid losing important data from your iPhone, we recommend you backup your iPhone regularly using both iTunes and iCloud service from Apple.