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How to Retrieve HEIC Photos from iPhone X/8/7

In this article, I will talk about how to retrieve deleted HEIC format photos from iPhone. HEIC format is used to save the photos that iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 take. It is a alternative of JPEG. The same size HEIC picture can tore twice as much information can be stored in JPEG picture. So iPhone users can use the same space to have more pictures and photos on their small size iPhone.

On our website, we have talked about recovering deleted .jpg and .png photos from iPhone before. Now I would like to show you how to get back deleted HEIC photos from iPhone. It’s really easy and you just need to have iPhone Photos Recovery program. It can scan your iPhone deeply to find the deleted or lost HEIC photos on your phone. You can preview them and then get back any of them from iPhone to computer.

There are 2 parts in this article.

How to Recover Deleted HEIC Photos from iPhone without Backup

If you don’t have backup file for your iPhone, you can follow this part to find and recover deleted .heic pictures from your iPhone easily.

Step 1. Free download, install and run iPhone Photos Recovery program. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable, this program will easily detect and recognize your iPhone. It will connect and load your iPhone to its interface.

Step 2. On the main interface, select “iPhone Data Recovery” and then “Recover from iOS Device” option. Click “Scan” button, this program will begin to scan your iPhone deeply and find all the deleted and lost photos and other data on your iPhone.

Step 3. After scanning, this program will list all the deleted data on the interface with a data menu on the left side. Go to the “Camera Roll” folder on the menu and find the deleted .heic photos. Select all the photos you want to get back, click “Recover” button. This iPhone Recovery will recover all the selected HEIC photos from iPhone to computer.

Because HEIC is a new format for iPhone to store photos, Windows PC and old version of Mac OS can’t open HEIC photos now. You need to find some converter to convert HEIC photos to JPG, PNG and other file format that can be opened on your computer.

How to Restore HEIC Photos from iPhone Backup File

If you have iPhone backup file, you can extract the HEIC photos from the backup file with iPhone Photos Recovery.

Step 1. Run iPhone Recovery program and select “iPhone Data Recovery”. On the left side of the interface, you can see the option to recover data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup file. According to your own case, you can select either of them.

Step 2. If you want to recover HEIC photos from iTunes backup file of your iPhone, you can see the list of the iTunes backup files on your computer. Select the one which contains the HEIC photos you want to get back and scan it. You can find the HEIC photos after scanning.

If you want to recover HEIC photos from iCloud backup, you need to log in your iCloud account first and then download the iCloud backup file. After downloading this program will scan your iCloud backup file and find the HEIC photos in it.

Step 3. You can select the HEIC photos and then recover them from your iPhone backup file to computer.

How to Disable the HEIC format on iPhone

If you don’t like to use .heic format to store your iPhone photos, you can disable it on your iPhone easily. Go to “Settings” > “Camera” > “Formats” > “Most Compatible”. Your iPhone will automatically save all the photos you take as JPEG.