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How to put your iPhone in recovery mode?

According to Apple’s official website, when you cannot update or restore your iPhone, you need to put your iPhone to recovery mode and restore your iPhone with iTunes. In our daily uses, when your iPhone/iPad is non-responsive or can’t be recognize by your iTunes, you need to put your iPhone/iPad in recovery mode. I will walk you through all the steps of putting iPhone in recovery mode.

1. Turn off your iPhone/iPad. Hold down the week/sleep button until the slide bar appears. Swipe the bar to turn off your iPhone/iPad.

2. Connect your USB cable to your computer with iTunes installed. Don’t connect your iPhone/iPad now.

3. Hold down the home button and at the same time connect your iPhone/iPad with the USB cable. Keep holding until you see the the following picture.

4. Then there will be a message pop-up from your iTunes tell you that it detects your iPhone is in recovery mode and you can choose to restore/update it via iTunes.

It will also note you that restore will erase all the data on your iPhone. So restore your iPhone with your iTunes only if you have your latest iTunes/iCloud backup file on your computer. It is the last choice you will save your iPhone.

If your iPhone enters recovery mode by mistake, you can restart your iPhone and it will return to normal. Or you can wait 15 minutes and your iPhone will exist the recovery mode.

That’s all the steps you can put your iPhone in recovery mode. Learn what to do when your iPhone stuck in recovery mode.