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How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone/iPad?

Do you use iMessage to chat with your friends and families? Most iOS users will say yes. In many iOS devices, users have a large number of photos, videos, texts of iMessage. Here saves many great memories and important information. Every time you want to remove something from your iPhone or iPad to make more free storage for new data, you will never delete the iMessages and its attachments in it. Because they are really important to you. In this article, we will talk about the ways of recovering deleted iMessages. Why? The reason is bad things always happen and you can see many people are asking how to recover deleted iMessages on the internet. You may think it’s really easy to restore deleted or lost iMessages to iPhone from backup file. But if you don’t have backup file, how to get back deleted iMessages? Read my article and you will learn all the possible ways of recovering deleted iMessages with and without backup.

This article mainly contains two parts. The first part I will show you how to recover deleted iMessages with backup file. The second one is the way of how to recover deleted iMessages without backup. According to your condition and find the right solution of yourself. Hope this will be helpful to you and solve your problem by getting back your important iMessages.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted iMessages with Backup

As we all know that there are two official ways that you can backup your iOS devices’ data, iCloud and iTunes. When you lose data, you can easily restore your iOS device with the backup file and get back all the data. Before restoring your iPhone, I need to tell you that if you restore your iPhone with backup file from iTunes and iCloud to retrieve deleted iMessages to your iPhone or iPad, the data on your device will be wiped and replaced by all the data in your backup file. That is to say you will lose all your new data on your iPhone. So please backup your iPhone before restoring to avoid losing photos, videos and other important data.

Let’s see how to do that:

Recover iMessages from iTunes Backup

Step 1. iTunes Backup Files

Every time you sync your iPhone with your iTunes, it will make a backup file on your computer by default. So you can use the iTunes backup file to retrieve deleted iMessages.

Run the software and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup Files”. You will see all the iTunes backup files on your computer. You need to choose the latest one of your iPhone and click “Scan” button. It will scan your iTunes backup file.

iTunes backup file list

Step 2. Recover deleted iMessages

The software will finish the scanning process quickly. Then you are allowed to find your lost/deleted iMessages. Go to “Messages”, you will see all the SMS, MMS and iMessages are listed here. And the deleted Messages are in red. You can preview the iMessages to check if it is the one you want to recover. You can also use the Filter to show the deleted iMessages only. In this way, you can find your iMessages much easier.

Check all the iMessages you want to get back and click “Recover” button. Soon you will get the iMessages on your computer.

Recover iMessages from iCloud Backup

You need to enable the iCloud service from Apple before you delete/lost your iMessages. Only in this case, you can recover iMessages from iCloud.

Step 1. Download your iCloud backup file

Launch the iPhone data recovery software and choose the last option “Recover from iCloud Backup”. You need to log in your iCloud account here to access your iCloud backup file. After you are log in, you will see the iCloud backup files made by your Apple account. Choose the latest one to download.

iCloud backup list

Step 2. Scan the iCloud backup file

Click “Scan” button after the downloading complete. All the data in the iCloud backup file will be displayed and you can even preview the data before recovering. Check out the “Messages” Colum, you will find all the iMessages you sent listed here. The red ones are deleted iMessages from your iPhone. So check the deleted iMessages and Click “Recover” button. Now, what can do is waiting. The software will take some time to recover the deleted iMessages from iCloud.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted iMessages without Backup

If you don’t have backup file or the backup file is out of date, this is the only possible way of recovering deleted iMessages from iPhone and iPad. You need to use iPhone Data Recovery. It can scan your iPhone and iPad to find the deleted iMessages on it. You can easily preview the messages and then recover any of them from your iOS device to computer. This method works best if you stoping using your iPhone and scan your iPhone to find the deleted iMessages immediately after losing or deleting them. That is because the deleted iMessages are still saved on your iPhone and iPad, but you can’t find and view them without the help of this professional recovery program. Stoping using your iPhone can prevent deleted iMessages being overwritten by the new data.

Step 1. Scan your iPhone

Run the iPhone data recovery software and connect your iPhone to your computer.

load iPhone

For iPhone 7 plus/7/SE/6s plus/6s/6 plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s users:
The iPhone iMessage Recovery will detect your iPhone and load your iPhone’s basic info on its interface. Click “Scan” button to start scanning your iPhone to find the lost/deleted iMessages on your iPhone.

For iPhone 4/3GS users:
After connecting your iPhone to computer via USB cable, the software will provide you two options to scan, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. I recommend you choose the Advanced Mode. In this mode, you can find much more data than the standard mode. Choose the Advanced Mode and follow the tips on the interface of the software to enter the scanning mode.

iPhone 4 scan mode

Step 2. Find the lost/deleted iPhone iMessages

The more data you have in your iPhone, the longer it will take for scanning. In most cases, the scanning will finish in 2 to 5 minutes. When it completes the scanning, all the data on your iPhone will be displayed on the next interface grouped and listed on the left of the interface. The data is classified by the type. iMessage data is included in “Messages” along with SMS and MMS.

Go to the “Messages” and find the iMessages you want to retrieve and check them. Click “Recover” button to start the recovery.

recover messages from iPhone

Always backup your iPhone regularly once at least one week with both iCloud and iTunes. Two backup files will save you once one of the is corrupted. If you don’t want to backup the whole iPhone every time, please backup at least the important data, such as contacts, photos, messages, videos, etc. on your computer. If you don’t know how to selectively backup iPhone data, read how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer or how to backup contacts from iPhone to PC to learn the details.