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How to Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone and iPad?

For most of the iOS users, reminders on their iPhone and iPad always contains their daily schedule including important meetings, phone calls and many other important things. It is definitely a disaster if one deleted his reminders or just lost the reminders on their iPhone and iPad. All the important schedules are gone without any backup? Don’t worry! Read this article and you will know how to recover deleted reminders on iPhone and iPad easily with iPhone data recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery can recover deleted/lost data from iPhone and iPad easily. It can recover deleted/lost reminders, notes, calendars, contacts, text messages and many other data from iPhone/iPad, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files.

There are 3 parts in this article and they are:

How to Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Connect your iPhone or iPad

Free download, install and run the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to our computer via USB cable. The iPhone data recovery software will find your iPhone/iPad directly and show the basic info on the interface.

Step 2. Scan your iPhone/iPad

For iPhone 4/3g and iPad 1 users, you need to enter the scanning mode manually. You can follow the little guide on the interface. First choose the advanced mode to scan your iPhone/iPad and then click “Start” button. Second, press and hold both of iPhone’s home button and powerful button for 10 seconds. Third, release the powerful button and keep holding the home button. When the software tells you that you have successfully enter the scanning mode, the software will scan your iPhone/iPad automatically.

Step 3. Recover deleted/lost reminders on iPhone/iPad

Once the software finishes scanning your iPhone, it will list all the data it found on your iPhone. You can go to the “Reminders” section and find all the deleted and existing reminders. Check the box before the reminders you want to recover and click “Recover” button. You will get your deleted/lost reminders on your computer easily.

How to Restore Reminders from iTunes Backup Files

Step 1. Scan your iTunes backup file

If you have synced your iPhone/iPad with your iTunes, it will make a backup file for your device. The backup file is saved on your computer and this iPhone data recovery can find the backup file easily and recover your reminders from it.

Launch the software and select the second option on the main interface. You will enter the “Recover from iTunes Backup file” mode. Here you will see all your iTunes backup files on your computer. You just need to find out the latest backup files for your iPhone/iPad and click “Scan”. Then the software will scan your device’s backup file and find all the data for you.

Step 2. Restore reminders from iTunes backup file

When the scanning is complete, you will see all the data in the iTunes backup file. You need to go to the “Reminders” and choose which reminders you want to recover. Click “Recover” button to begin the recovering reminders from iTunes backup file.

How to Recover Reminders from iPhone/iPad’s iCloud backup file

If you enabled the iCloud service and made an iCloud backup before you delete or lose the reminders on your iPhone/iPad, you can recover the reminders from your iCloud backup file.

Step 1. Download and scan your iCloud backup file

Enter the “Recover from iCloud Backup File” option, you need to log in your iCloud account and choose the latest backup file of your device to download. The software will download the backup file for you quickly. After downloading the iCloud backup file to your computer, you can easily scan the backup file to find your reminders from it.

Step 2. Recover Reminders from iCloud backup file

Go to the “Reminders” from the left menu of the interface. You can find all the reminders in your iCloud backup files. Check the little box before the reminders you want to recover and click “Recover” button. The iPhone data recover will recover reminder from your iCloud backup file.

Ok. That’s all the ways you can recover deleted/lost reminders on iPhone and iPad. To avoid losing all your important schedule on your reminders, I recommend you to backup your reminders to different places, such as on your computer, iPhone notes and iCloud. Once you cannot find your reminders in any way you know, just use iPhone data recovery to help.