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How to Reset iCloud Password

Forgot iCloud Password? Oh no! It’s really a bad thing to you. But you can easily reset iCloud password with few steps. Follow this article and learn how to reset iCloud password easily. Actually, you have 3 ways to reset iCloud password: Email Authorization, Answer Security Questions and Two Step Verification. You can use either way to set another password for your iCloud account. You need to pay attention that if you change iCloud password, the iTunes password, Apple ID password, iMessages password, facetime will be changed at the same time. They share the same password always.

Now let’s reset iCloud Password together!

Step 1. Log in Apple ID webpage (https://appleid.apple.com/) and click “Forgot Apple ID or Password” option under the log in form.

forgot apple id or password

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID in this page and click “Continue”. Select “I need to reset password” option and click “Continue” button.

Step 3. Reset iCloud Password

Email Authorization:

Select “Get an Email” on next page. You will receive an email with a link. Click the link and you can easily set a new password for you iCloud account.

Answer Security Question

If you select “Answer Security Question” to reset iCloud password, after providing the right answers to the question you selected when you create your Apple ID.

Two Step Vertification

If you enabled two step verification, you can easily enter your Recovery Key and select a trusted device. Apple will send you a verification code. Enter the verification code and you can easily reset iCloud password easily.

That’s all for resetting iCloud password. You can select one of the methods above to reset your iCloud password according to your own case. If you have any question or thoughts you want to share with us, just leave a comment below.