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How to Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup?

My little girl used my iPhone watching carton last night. This morning I found out all my contacts on my iPhone was disappear. I do have iCloud backup for contacts. How to restore my contacts from iCloud backup file?

This is one of our reader’s email asking how to restore contacts from iCloud. Contact is really important for people. Most iPhone users backup their contacts in iCloud. Restoring contacts from iCloud is the first choice when they lost their contacts or deleted them by accidentally. In this article, we will show you the steps of restoring contacts from iCloud.

In this article, we will use iPhone data recovery software to restore contacts from iCloud backup files. It is a program designed to help iOS users to restore deleted/lost data from iOS devices, iCloud backup file and iTunes backup file.

Step 1. Sign in your iCloud account

Free download, install and run this software. Choose the “Recover data from iCloud backup file” from the main interface. Then you are allowed to sign in your iCloud account.

sign in iCloud account

Step 2. Download and scan iCloud backup file

Once you log in your iCloud account, you will find all the iCloud backup files are listed here. You need to choose the latest one for your iPhone or iPad to download. After the software finish downloading, you need to click “Scan” button and the software will scan your iCloud backup file to find the contacts for you.

download iCloud backup file

Step 3. Restore contacts from iCloud

All the data in the iCloud backup file will be listed on the interface. You can find the Contacts section at the left side. Click it and go into the contacts section, you will see all the contacts in your iCloud backup file. Select all and click “Recover” button, you can easily restore contacts from iCloud to your computer as csv file.

recover contacts

That’s all for restoring contacts from iCloud backup file. It is really easy to do that and if you follow all the steps here, you can easily restore contacts from iCloud. If you failed to restore contacts from iCloud, you can also recover deleted contacts from iPhone directly.