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How to Restore Disabled iPad with or without iTunes

Your iPad would be disabled after trying many times with the wrong passcode. It’s for protecting your personal data if your iPad is lost or stolen. Without passcode, no one can steal your information on your iPad. However, sometimes, we may accidentally forget or type the wrong password for too many times, your iPad will be disabled. If you want to use your iPad normally, you need to restore your iPad. In this article, I will show you how to restore disabled ipad with and without iTunes. After restoring, you can use your iPad again.

This article has two parts:

How to Restore Disabled iPad with iTunes

Connect Disabled iPad to Computer and run your iTunes. iTunes will detect your iPad and load it. Go to the “Summary” tab and find “Restore” section. You can easily select a backup file for your iPad to restore your iPad. After restoring, you can easily use your iPad again.

1. To do this, your iPad needs to be connected or synced with your iTunes at least once. So you don’t need to type the passcode of your iPad and trust this computer.
2. If you don’t have backup file for your iPad, backup your iPad before restoring in the “Backup” section.

How to Restore Disabled iPad without iTunes

If you haven’t synced your ipad with iTunes, you can’t restore your disabled iPad with it. But don’t worry, you can use iPad Data Recovery software to restore data from diabled iPad. But you need to have iCloud backup file. Now let’s restore disabled iPad without iTunes together.

Step 1. Run iPad Data Recovery

Free download, install and run this recovery software for iPad. You will see the main interface and select “Recover from iCloud Backup File”.


After entering this section, you need to log in your iCloud account. Then you can see all the iCloud backup files in your account. You need to find the backup file you want to restore data from and click “Download” button. The software will begin to download the backup file for you and then scan it automatically.

icloud backup lists

Step 2. Restore Disabled iPad without iTunes

After scanning, the software will list all the data in the backup file on the interface. You will see a data menu on the left side of the interface. You can easily find the data you want to restore and preview them from the menu. You can restore messages, photos, videos, contacts, notes, calendars, reminders, Whatsapp messages/photos/videos, voice memos and other data for your disabled iPad. You can easily restore data from disabled ipad to computer.

ipad photos

Now you have all the data of your disabled iPad on your computer. If you want to transfer them back to your iPad and use your iPad normally, you need to put your iPad into DFU mode and restore it with iTunes. Then use iOS Transfer software to transfer data from computer to iPad easily.