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How to Restore iPad without iTunes?

“Hi, we have an iPad Air for family use. Today, I found all the photos I took last week were deleted by my daughter. I know I can restore photos from iTunes backup, but this will wipe other data on my iPad. Is there any way to restore iPad without iTunes? So I can keep the data on my iPad now.”

Many families use iPad as a home entertainment tool. That makes it much easier to lose or delete data on iPad accidentally. If you don’t have the iTunes backup file or you don’t want to restore your iPad with iTunes backup, how to recover the data you lost or deleted.

In this article, we will show you how to restore iPad without iTunes backup. We will use iPad Data Recovery software. It can scan your iPad directly and restore data from iPad. It can recover text messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, whatsapp messages, reminders, calendars, etc easily on your iPad. So you don’t worry about losing the data on your iPad now.

Step 1. Install iPad Data Recovery

Free download, install and launch iPad data recovery software. Connect your iPad to your computer. The software will recognize your iPad automatically. If your iTunes pops up, please close it.

load iPad

Step 2. Scan iPad before restoring

Click “Scan” button, the recovery software will begin the scanning work. It will analyze your iPad and find all the data on your iPad, including the deleted data. It will list all the data on the interface classified by data type.

scan iPad

Step 3. Restore iPad without iTunes backup

Once it finishes the scanning work, you can easily check the data on your iPad. Go to each section on the left menu and preview the data on the right part of the interface. You need to select all the data you want to restore and then click “Recover” button. All the data you selected will be restored and saved in your computer.

preview photos

As you can see it is really easy to restore iPad without iTunes backup with iPad data recovery software. It provides the best way to do this till now. It can recover photos, contacts, videos, text messages, notes, calendars and other data on your iPad. It also provides the option to restore iPad from iCloud backup. If you have the iCloud backup file, you can use it to do that.