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Rumors about the iPad in 2018

The latest iPad models was released in 2017. Now we are all talking about the next generation of iPad in 2018. Especially after we experienced the great features of iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display and Face ID. We believe at least one iPad model in 2018 will replace the Home Button and Touch ID with Face ID. In this article, I would like to sum up all the rumors and give you a prediction of the iPad in 2018.

From all sources of rumors, Apple will bring across some of the design changes from iPhone X to iPad in 2018 definitely. Reports said that Apple is expected to provide an iPad with Face ID around 11-inch display or keep it the same size while shrinking the chassis. But bad news is the display won’t be OLED probably because the production difficulties and supply shortages. When people discovered the “Modern iPad” code in iOS 11.3 beta, we believe that an edge-to-edge iPad will be released in 2018. Because “Modern iPhone” was used to differentiate the edge-to-edge iPhone X from other iPhone models before iPhone X was released.

Outside changes always brings some internal changes. If Apple continue to follow its way to use a modified version of the processor in the preceding iPhone for iPad, iPad in 2018 will come with the A11X Bionic, which is a upgrade version of A11 Bionic processor used in iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The 2018 iPad is expected to be announced in the next summer at WWDC 2018. Before this brand new iPad Pro, perhaps, you will see an iPad mini 5 in this spring press event of Apple.

At last, here is a pictures of the nest generation of iPad in 2018 designed by Martin Hajek. The picture is not official. You just take a look.

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