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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone

Nowadays, camera function becomes an important selling point of smart phone. Samsung will never fall behind in this competition. It provides high level camera and display to their users who really enjoyed taking photos with their Samsung phones. When you manage dozens of photos on the relatively small screen of your Samsung phone, accident happens easily. You can see many Samsung users asking how to recover deleted photos from Samsung phone without backup here and there. Of course, upgrade OS version and rooting are also on the top reasons of losing photos from Samsung phone. In this article, I will show you an easy and fast way to get back deleted and lost photos from Samsung phone.

I will use Samsung Data Recovery to scan your Samsung phone’s internal memory and SD card deeply and find the deleted/lost photos. You can preview the photos before recovering them from your phone to computer easily. Besides photos, you can also recover deleted messages, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your Samsung phone to computer.

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Things You Need to Remember before Recovering:
1. At least 20% battery on your Samsung phone
2. Stop using Samsung phone after losing photos on it
3. Do not reset your Samsung phone before recovering the deleted photos

Step 1. Run Samsung Data Recovery

Launch Samsung Data Recovery program on your computer and you will see the following interface. Connect your Samsung phone to computer via USB cable. This program can easily detect the connection and try to load your Samsung phone to its interface.


Step 2. Fully Connect Samsung Phone

To scan your Samsung, you need to connect your phone to this photos recovery program. The USB debugging mode needs to be enabled on your Samsung phone. Following the steps on the interface, you can easily turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone. You just need to pay attention to the version of the Android OS running on your Samsung phone and find the right guide to follow.

USB debugging mode

Step 3. Select Data Types You Want to Scan

After turning on the USB debugging mode on your phone, this program allows you to select the data types you want to scan and find on your Samsung phone. You can easily check the little box before the data types you want to recover. Select “Gallery” and “Pictures Library” on the data type list. Of course, you can also select other data to scan and recover.

select data

Step 4. Scan Samsung Phone to Find Deleted/Lost Photos

Click “Next” button, this program will send you a request about SuperUser Authorization to your phone. You will receive a message on your phone’s screen. Click “Allow/Grant/Authorize” button the your screen and this Samsung Photo Recovery can scan your phone and SD card to find the picture information for you.

super user

After that, this program will begin to scan your Samsung phone automatically and find the deleted or lost photos for you. You need to wait until the program list all the data on the interface with a data menu on the left side of the interface. You can use this data menu to find the deleted or lost photos on your Samsung phone. Please do not disconnect your phone while this program is scanning it.

Step 5. Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung

Go to “Gallery” and “Pictures library” section on the data menu, you will see all the deleted or lost photos on your Samsung phone. Preview them to find the photos you want to get back and select them. Click “Recover” button and this Samsung Photos Recovery will recover all the selected pictures from Samsung phone to computer.

Samsung photos

Samsung Data Recovery is the best choice when you want to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung phone without backup. It can find all the deleted and lost photos which are not overwritten by new data. To avoid losing important Samsung photos, you need to backup your Samsung phone regularly. If not, download this recovery program and get back deleted photos from Samsung phone directly.