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Tips and Tricks to Help You Use Samsung Galaxy A8+ Better

Running Android Nougat, Samsung Galaxy A8+ is the first phone released by Samsung in 2018. In this article, I will introduce you some useful tips and tricks to help you use Samsung Galaxy A8+ easier and faster.

1. One-Handed Mode

Among the gestures supported by Samsung Galaxy A8+, One-Handed Mode is one of the most useful. In this mode, you can easily operate your phone with one hand. To enable it, you can swipe up diagonally from either bottom corner or tap the Home button 3 times.

2. Capture Screenshot

Another useful gestures of Galaxy A8+ is swipe palm to take screenshot. You can go to Advanced Features and switch on this option for Palm Swipe to capture. It’s really convenient, you just need to slide the edge of your hand across the screen. This smart phone will take a screenshot for you.

3. Use Two Accounts of Same App

It is called Dual Messenger. You can easily know what it can do for you from the name. This function allows you to log in two accounts of the same Message App. If you have two WhatsApp accounts. One for personal and the other for business. You can use this feature to keep both of them online to communicate with your friends and business partners.

4. Customize Notification

You can also call it prioritize your notification, which allows you to turn off some notifications from useless apps or apps you don’t want to receive the notifications. On the other hand, you can set some app’s notification as priority. These notifications will on the top of the notification panel and include them in the allowed list while “Do not disturb Mode” is enabled.

5. Enrich Information on Always on Display

AOD is a common feature among premium Samsung smart phone. While on Samsung Galaxy A8+, you can even customize the information on AOD. You can select different style and theme of the AOD and update your contact information on it.

6. Secure Folder

Samsung Galaxy A8+ users won’t need any third party secure apps to lock their folder. It brings a native one for their users. This app can create an encrypted location to store important files, apps, pictures, videos, etc. which you don’t want to share with others. You can lock the folder with Pin, Pattern or fingerprint.

If you lose or accidentally delete some important data from your Samsung Galaxy A8+, you can use Samsung Data Recovery to scan your phone and SD card to get back them easily.

That’s all for today’s sharing. But these 6 tips are only a little part of the great features of Samsung Galaxy A+. You can explore more useful and convenient features by yourself. If you want to know anything about this great smart phone from Samsung, you can contact us. We will help you to find the answer.