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How to Transfer or Add Audiobook to iPhone

Are you an audiobook fan? If yes, you possible like to listen to your audiobooks with your iPhone. You can listen to them on bus, car, plane, walking, running or at home. In this article, I will share with you an easy way to transfer or add audiobook to iPhone from computer directly without iTunes. You may have many audiobooks ripped from CDs or download from websites on your computer. If you want to transfer them to your iPhone, just read this article and listen them on your iPhone now.

I will use a program called iPhone Transfer. It can connect your iPhone directly and transfer audiobook to your iPhone. As a transfer program for iPhone, it can also transfer music to iPhone and photos, videos, TV shows, movies, playlist, contacts and so on. It also allows you to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone and from iPhone to computer.

Step 1. Connect Your iPhone

Run this transfer software on your computer after installing it. Plug your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. The software will recognize your iPhone easily and load your iPhone to its interface. You will see a data menu on the left side under the name of your iPhone. Here is all the data you can manage on your iPhone with this transfer software.

connect iphone

Step 2. Transfer Audiobook to iPhone

Find the “Media” section on the data list and enter it. You will see all the media files on your iPhone. Select “Audiobook” on the top menu of the interface. The software will show you all the audiobooks on your iPhone. Click “Add” button and you are allowed to select audiobooks on your computer. The software will help you to transfer all the selected audiobooks to your iPhone smoothly. Now you can listen to them on your iPhone now.

iphone audiobooks

This is how to transfer audiobooks to iPhone from your computer. This iPhone Transfer software can also help you to transfer audiobooks from iPhone to computer for backup as you know you can’t redownload the audiobooks you purchased from Apple iBooks. This software can also transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, TV shows, movies, voice memos for your iPhone easily.