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What Things Drain Your iPhone Battery Fastest

Have you ever complain that your iPhone battery life is too short? To have a longer iPhone battery life, you need to know what things kill your iPhone battery the fastest. In this article, I will list 5 things you are doing to drain your iPhone battery the fastest. If you want to have a longer battery life on your iPhone, try your best to avoid these 5 things happen on your iPhone. Or if you have little battery on iPhone, don’t do these 5 things and you will have much time to find the charger.

1. Screen Brightness

This is known by many iPhone users. Display is on the top of the battery killing list. To save battery, you can dim your display or turn on the auto-brightness option on your iPhone. To dim your iPhone display, you can easily swipe up the screen and open control center. Drag the slider to down your display brightness. If you want to turn on auto-brightness, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Display Accommodations” and switch on the “Auto-Brightness”.

Another thing that can also kill your battery fast is notification on lock screen. This will cause the display to turn on constantly. So the display will kill battery constantly. You need to go to “Settings” > “Notifications” and find the apps that always send useless notification and disable the “Show on Lock Screen” option.

2. Poor Cellphone Coverage

When the signal is poor, your iPhone will constantly find a better signal. This will drain a huge battery on your iPhone. The same to poor Wi-Fi Signal. So how to avoid this? When you are in a poor signal area, two method will solve this problem. One is charge your iPhone the other is turn on the Airplane mode. You need to know that Airplane mode will block the function of making and receiving phone call.

3. Poor-Coded App

Some rogue app will eat your battery up in few hours and sometimes they are not even in use. So to find the poor coded apps and then stop the background app refresh can make it better. How to find the battery eating app? You can go the the battery consume list in the “Settings” > “Battery”. Narrow down the time line and you will find the apps you should not use or stop the background refresh of them.

4. Cold Weather

This is not a secret that low temperature will drain your iPhone battery. It can even damage your iPhone battery permanently if your charge your iPhone in cold weather. 20°C is the best temperature for charging iOS devices. And 5 to 45°C is the temperature that iPhone can work and be charged normally. To keep your iPhone in warm is important if your want to have a longer battery life of your iPhone. Remember don’t leave it in cold car in winter and cold soak.

Do you know other things that can kill your iPhone bater fast? Share with us and we can make our iPhone battery life longer and longer. If you are interested in iOS 11 tips and how iMessages can do for you beside chat, read them in this website.