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What to Do Before Selling iPhone or Giving iPhone to Others

Every year when iPhone releases the new iPhone, many iPhone users will upgrade their devices to the latest one. What about their old iPhone? They can sell the old iPhone or just give away to others. There is always a problem you may concern. It is privacy. You must know you need to delete everything on iPhone before selling them. However, is that enough? In this article, we list all the things you need to do before selling iPhone or giving away your iPhone to others. After reading this article, you won’t worry about losing personal data after selling your iPhone.

Quick Review:

There are 4 things you need to do before selling your iPhone:

Detailed Guide on what to do before selling iPhone:

1. Backup iPhone with iTunes and iCloud

Basic you have two official ways to backup your iPhone with iTunes and iCloud. This may ensure you have the backup files after selling your iPhone and restore iPhone with iTunes or iCloud to get back data you need to use on your new iPhone.

For iTunes backup:

Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. Go to the Summary tab of your iPhone and you will see the Backup option. Make a backup file for your iPhone without password. This will be easier for you to restore your new iPhone later.

Make iPhone backup file with itunes

For iCloud Backup:

If you have enable iCloud service and have enough storage for making a full backup file, you can use iCloud to backup your iPhone. Go to the “Settings” on your iPhone and click “iCloud” and go to “Storage and backup” option. Click “Backup UP Now” button to make an iCloud backup file for your iPhone.

make iphone backup file with icloud

Tips: If you aren’t going to change an iPhone, you need to transfer contacts from iPhone to your computer. So you can important your contacts to the new phone easily.

2. Sign out of iMessages, Facetime, Apple ID and unfind your iPhone

To make sure all your data will be wiped before selling to others, you’d better sing out of your iMessage, Facetime, Apple ID and unfind your iPhone.

Sign out of iMessages:

Go to “Settings” and click “Messages”, you can easily turn off the switch for iMessages.

Sign out of FaceTime:

You can easily find the switch for FaceTime by going to “Settings” > “FaceTime”

Sign out of Apple ID:

Open “Settings” on your iPhone and go to “iTunes & App Store”, tap on Apple ID and select “Sign Out”.

Unfind your iPhone:

Go to “Settings” >”iCloud”>”Find My iPhone” and slide it off.

3. Eraser Everything on iPhone

After the first two steps, you need to delete everything on your iPhone. You can do it on your iPhone and also with a third party program. I recommend you to do that both to ensure all the content and settings will be deleted from your iPhone.

Eraser Content and Settings on iPhone

Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings” and click “Erase iPhone”. Your iPhone will be wiped and reboot.

Delete Everything on iPhone with iPhone Data Eraser

You probably know that the deleted data on iPhone can be recovered by Hackers. iPhone Data Eraser is designed to help users to permanently delete data on your iPhone. So no one can recover deleted data on your iPhone.

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Eraser

Free download, install and run the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. The software will detect your iPhone and load your iPhone to it.

connect iPhone

Step 2. Delete Everything on your iPhone Permanently

You will see there are 5 options on the software, you need to select the first option to “Erase All Data” on your iPhone.

Erase All data on iPhone

Input “Delete” on the interface to confirm the deletion and the software will automatically begin to delete everything on your iPhone. Once it finishes, it will show you that all the data on your iPhone is erased and never be recovered.

4. Take out SIM Card from iPhone

The last step is to take out your SIM card from your iPhone.

Now you have done all the things you need to do before you sell or give away your iPhone to others.