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What You Need to Know About iOS 12

This year’s WWDC will be held on next month. The new iOS 12 will be one of big things for Apple and their users. People are now expecting iOS 12 so much. One of the reasons is the iOS 11 is now still buggy. iOS 12 will be focus on performance and quality improvements, along with new features. This article will show you the features now we know about iOS 12.

1. Cross-Platform Function

This is the biggest update of iOS 12. Released along with MacOS 10.14, iOS 12 will allow developers to make an App working both on iOS and MacOS devices. And Apple will bring some iOS app to MacOS, such as Home app.

2. Parental Control

iOS 12 will bring an update to allow parents to know how much time their children spending on iOS device with a new digital health tool. This helps parents monitor their children’s screen time better.

3. Animoji Integration with Face Time

Apple plans to integrate Animoji with FaceTime. This will allows you to select characters when you make a video call. Also there are reports that there will be new characters being added to Animoji in iOS 12. And it will also be introduced to next generation of iPad Pro with a TrueDepth camera.

There are other rumoured features, such as a brand new Stock app, Siri integration with Photos for search purpose, improvements on Do Not Disturb mode, multi-person augmented reality games, etc.